It’s been awhile. I have taken some time off my blog to digest some thoughts. But more importantly, I’ve taken time off to spend real quality time with Charley. 

Why would I say real? You mean all these time I’ve spent with her wasn’t real? It is! Facing each other all day everyday is definitely being together. But what I really want is to not be preoccupied with other thoughts and things to do; to sit down and play with her and converse in her language. While we spend the entire day together, I actually take about 60% of the time to prep, cook and wash up. Next thing you know, we’re prepping for bedtime. Yes, I could always shift bedtime later but I’ve got work commitments after the tot sleeps and she really should be sleeping early at her age. So I spent the last few weeks of December doing just that and preparing her for her new school term. 

It has been a fantastic 2015 nonetheless. As we’ve all grown a little wiser, aged a little like fine wine and grown insights about life and ourselves. If we’ve learnt from the year then it shouldn’t be considered a lousy year but a fruitful one isn’t it? 

2016, I am looking to spend lesser on things that I don’t need. Less is more and I want to be comfortable with what I already have. Upcycling old clothes into new clothes. I am also trying to be more eco-friendly; actively recycling old materials, grocery cardboard items etc to minimize wastage and avoiding massive landfills that hurts the environment. It is a great movement to do our part to extend the lifespan of planet we are living it. I know it sounds really ambitious but if everyone does it, it is not little.

I would like to train myself to be more patient, to prevent the anxiety within me. It is a condition I’ve been living with but I hope to rid that as I go along. I am also trying to be more conscious of the food I feed my family, to be healthier. Let’s start small and grow as the days goes by! 


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