22 days in Taiwan

So we recently spent 22 November days in Taiwan! If not for my boy who didn’t join us on this trip, I doubt I would want to come back home! Taiwan has been our go-to travel destination most of the time…my husband says Taiwan is the only place he is willing to travel to in this lifetime, but I hope that we will have other places available on his map soon. Traveling is so…tiring with kids and I won’t lie about it! But it is so so invigorating and enriching, not just for myself but for my kiddo too.

How did we spend 22 days in Taiwan exactly? Many said we went for so long! But if you divide them into the different sections of Taiwan, 22 days isn’t that much. We had planned a simple itinerary and played by ear, after all we wanted to recharge and rest. This time round, we went to Taipei – Yilan – Tainan – Kaoshiung – Taipei. We could switch up to return from KS, but we had some shopping to be done and we wanted the cool weather before we head back Singapore. However, the weather was crappy and it was so hot in Taipei for the last few days we were there. 

Our trip is also catered kid-friendly. So if you’re looking for nice go-t0 clubs/pubs then you’re reading at the wrong place. Wait up for the travel days in the next few posts!


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