35 Weeks.

20130709-120727.jpgNo Joke. I’m going to give birth in another month’s time. Yes, I’m still having the jitters. It’s hard not to isn’t it? No matter how much I welcome the little one, it’s still hard to brush away the fear within me. I’m not worried about not being a good mum etc, everyone learns along the way. I’m just purely scared of the birthing process. Don’t judge me cause I’m being so honest about how I really feel.

My wonder woman sleep tee, not aiding.

So these few days I was consolidating what we have spent over the last few months getting ready to welcome bean into our world. There are lists I’ve got from the internet, from close girlfriends but ultimately you get to decide if you truly needed those things. I would deem some of the items we bought a luxury for bean and myself but it’s what we wanted so we didn’t think we overspent on those items.

Here are the big ticket items we’ve spent:

1. Stroller – Peg Perego Book Plus Completo. We got this from Baby Hypermart and it was a totally new model that was shipped in just two weeks ago. We received the item in good condition and so far, we liked what we see. We chose green color as it was fresh looking and green is suppose to be good for the eyes. Black can get warm easily and red was too heavy on the eyes.

2. Baby Cot Bimb0 Bell0 Cherrywood from Denmark. Okay the name sounds pretty atas (for something termed as bimbo) but it’s pretty much a normal looking cot which has wheels so we can push around to any room but honestly you don’t really want to push around much due to the overall size of it. A baby could probably grow and sleep in that till she’s 3-4 years old I think, provided she’s not camping between you and your love one. Good thing about it is it is convertible to a changing table if you have another cot, or a junior bed which I’ve mentioned already.

3. Breast Pump – Avent Single Electric Breast Pump. It was a tough choice between this and Medela freestyle. Medela has definitely been around longer, more certified and a lot of mothers swear by it (they say it pumps faster and apparently manages more goodness out of the pump cycle). I was swayed to buying that but I went along with Avent because of a pretty decent discount. Bought a single cause I didn’t want to feel like a cow.

4. Blender – Avent Combined Steamer and Blender. It’s probably a little early to get this machine since weaning is going to be another 5-6 months from now. Of course, I got the awesome discount and we’ve decided to just purchase it first. Googled and found good reviews of this machine and nothing beats 0% BPA! 

5 & 6 & 7. Avent Sterilizer, Avent Food Warmer and plenty of Avent anti-colic milk bottles. Sponsored by my dearest brother. Not that I’m an avid fan of Philips Avent but I’ll just go along with it! I must say that Avent is working pretty good with consumers with it’s branding, packaging and aesthetic design of its products.

8. Nursing Pillow – Boppy Nursing Pillow. Okay, nothing beats comfort while feeding. If all fails, bean could just lie and sleep on this. Could also use this for tummy time!

9. Diaper Bag – Jonathan Adler ♥ Skip Hop. I didn’t buy it for the brand to be honest. I bought it cause I couldn’t find nice looking diaper bags in all the stores I visited. I know I didn’t need a diaper bag per se and any bag could pose off as one but I managed to google and I liked the design of this so why not? It’s also probably something the husband doesn’t mind holding on his shoulders.

10. Maternity Nursing Intimates – You must be wondering why bras made its way to the list of big ticket items..it’s simply because 3 of it cost me close to $180. I didn’t want to abandon both comfort and style so …

I will review most of the items listed above (other than 10) when I’m finally on it. Stay tune!

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