A little update – We’re having a baby!


Hello! It has been about 2 months since I last wrote! To be honest, it actually felt like it was 5 months since I last wrote. I’m sorry if I’d abandoned my blog for a bit because I’ve been busy with baby 2 and managing a toddler who’s asking for attention! Busy is not exactly the right word to use here, because time flies by in a blink of an eye and I am barely physically nor mentally ready. I’ve actually pulled down a inner layer of tube dress down my 6 months tummy from top to bottom and suffered a never-felt-before stretch on my tummy two weekends back. 

Time really flies, because the last time we’ve checked I was in my first trimester and today I’m already in my third trimester – due in Sept. This time round, everything moved at such a pace that days passed before I knew it. I’ve gained a good 10kg (or more) till date and while I have been on Mommy Forums with Mommies who have similar EDD to me, everything still felt distant. But when I put it down to ‘2 more months to delivery’, I am really FEELING IT. These few weeks it felt even clearer to me that Baby 2 is arriving soon because the Mommies are discussing about birth plans, newborns essentials, third trimester late night pregnancy woes and I’ve been having really bad sleeps as well. Around 10pm the sleepiness creeps in, but when I lay on the bed I have heavy heart palpitations, shortness of breath coupled with back pain and contractions that I am unable to fall asleep. This happens in the day time too so as tired as I am in the day time, I am unable to take noon naps. Without these noon naps, my mind and body gets really tired around 6pm till its time to prep my toddler for bed around 7.30pm and I’d usually doze off for a quick 30 minutes and wake again.

I must say that prepping for Baby 2 was much more different to Baby 1. We have most of the basics on hand but there are still a few more things to get – daily essentials like cotton buds, newborn diapers and some big ticket items like baby rocker etc. Since we are having a boy and we have a girl for a firstborn, most of the swaddles and all that are pink. Well, no one says pink is only for girls right? (Chances are those pink swaddles will be taken by Charley because she’s in her pink zone now and everything pink belongs to her ). There’s only 1 baby boy in my family tree and the clothes are passed to my cousin first (who had a boy around March this year) then to us. I didn’t want to spend so much on clothes this time round, babies grow up so fast! I’ll be glad to have these hand-me-downs as long as they’re not torn and tattered with mould! 

For the past few weekends, I have been washing up newborn clothes. Is it a little early to do so? Yeah, I probably could do this in the first week of August but I have been hit by fatigue so badly that I am doing things in batches. I will have an hour up doing something and I have to hit 2 hours to ‘recover’, though my ‘recovery time’ is usually taken up doing something else like house chores or prepping for dinner. Will also need to pace my time in washing up the pram, the baby carrier, baby chair, playmat and baby cot (when it arrives). If I count it by the weekend, I am really short of time! 

I am also deciding to pack up the hospital bag earlier this time round as I really want to spend more quality time with Charley before Baby 2 arrives. I have not been able to carry her because my body is not allowing me to, or sit and play with her for more than a couple of minutes before my legs cramp. When confinement comes, I will miss out a whole month of her! Even so, it still warms my heart to learn that I’m still her priority no less. I’m also very glad that she’s slowly understanding that there’s a baby brother who will be joining us soon (even though she refuses to share her pink drawers with him) and that Mommy cannot carry her (if I have to, she will wrap her body higher so she will not ‘sit’ on didi) and that she has learnt to be gentle around my tummy. She has her moments though so don’t be fooled. 


On good days she reads bedtime stories for me.

Albeit it was silent reading where she doesn’t read out loud but read by herself while I have to sit where I am and ‘listen’ to her

Things are fairly different with Baby 2. More about the differences in my pregnancy journey between Baby 1 and 2 in the next post.

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