That’s the tone to sneezing just in case you didn’t realize. Haha!

I have been sneezing non stop since the day I was preg. It’s by no way any sort of coincidence. I was already very allergic to dust, but I believe I was even more so into pregnancy. The sneeze is like a non-stop remix on days…and for the rest of the days, my nose is just really dsturbed by itches from dust. To make matters worse, I sometimes have to hold on to my tummy when the sneeze gets too hard. If I didn’t, the sudden knockabout gives my tummy a cramplike pain. Damn those sneezes!

So I went to check with Dr Choo (my gynae) if sneezing too hard is impactful on bean. She says no as babies are safe and protected in the womb. So, sneeze away! But hold your tummy if you must. 🙂

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