Ahoy! Maternity Leave


20130703-150853.jpgI have been officially on Maternity Leave since Monday.

It is way ahead of time to take it so soon but I’m getting really tired at work and the husband has been asking me to go for it early, so there it is, a whopping one month plus ahead of delivery. In Singapore, the maternity leave is 16 weeks and you may actually choose to give 1 week out of your 16 weeks to your husband so that he can have extra one week on top of the given one week paternal leave entitled to him. I’ve applied for this Shared Parental Leave so that the husband can spend more time taking care of newborn bean while I get ample rest.

Just a few days into this leave and I have been getting really bored and restless. But if I have to go back to work I’ll feel shitty too thus I shall just sit around at home till my ass hurts. In fact, last night I woke at 3am and almost felt like crying cause my back, my left and right arm was too sore to go back to sleep. Tried putting some medicated oil and it didn’t work. Wanted to wake the husband to massage the back for a bit but resisted cause I was not the one who have to go back to work the next day.

I am also resisting the urge to lie down frequently on the bed today because I really want to have a good night sleep even with the constant trips to the restroom. But as it is with most third trimester mums-to-be, I think that’s a real challenge! Googled  about bed sores and some home remedies last night but they’ve only said stuff like switching sides often and it didn’t work for me. So if anyone came across my blog post and have some fantastic ideas that work, please kindly share!

With that many hours in a day to spare, it’s not like I bummed my days away either! I’ve been trying to digest that many books borrowed from the library. Of course, I will take these textbook examples as a guideline as every baby is different. Also, I’ve decided to just go soak in the pool with a trusty float when the weather is right. It is the best form of exercise I can have at this point and the best thing about it is – it makes me feel weightless. This new weight with bean is very new to me and it makes me tired really easily. For now, I shall go watch some drama and resist the urge to lie on the bed..

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