An emotional Hope Springs.

I admit, I have not exactly been a healthy mother (yet). All these late nights..all these chips..all get my drift.

So last night we were watching Hope Springs (you know, that movie that feature two oldies revving up their life cause it was stagnant).  I knew I wanted to watch this when the trailer came out. It was not your typical love story with gorgeous hunks and babes starring in it. It was Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, both would have added up to a grand total of more than a hundred years old. But it was good, in my opinion.

Hub was not into these love story movies..but he was laughing out loud and feeling so awkward for this couple that he was covering his face with his hands at certain scenarios. So yes, they acted really well.

The plot is the most important breaking point that makes or break the movie and is part of the deciding factor in me wanting to watch again. But this, this plot was so real to heart (not for me at this age but still), that the fire in every couple fades away, especially when your kids are all grown up and have a life of their own .. you’re living a routined life. No ups, no butterflies in your stomach, day in and day out. Are you still in love? Is this what Love brings you when you are old?

When that scenario was played, I teared. Maybe it’s my hormones acting up massively but it made me feel. In my heart I hope that the fire everyone’s relationship would always lit on brightly, including mine. I was sinking into this story and that even after a failed counseling Meryl Streep didn’t think this relationship was going to work. And I teared more. But of course, it ultimately led to a happy ending and my tears dried up after that.

It takes two hands to clap in a relationship. Even when you’re old…one should never forget that. Or you can re-watch this movie again when you hit 60.

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