ASUS Zenfone Max Phone Review [SP]

asus zenfone max

After a good two weeks of holding and testing out the ASUS Zenfone Max, I must say that I’m pretty impressed! The 5000mAH battery life did not disappoint! I didn’t manage to keep it up to 5 days but it did last me a good 4 days! Comparatively to my iPhone, the battery would have died before the day ends. I must highlight that a longer span of battery life is also subjected to the conditions of how you use the phone such as your chosen level of screen brightness, the number of apps in the background which are running and not closed, etc. Over here, I left my apps open and I was also massively watching movies and dramas. Boy was I happy not needing to charge my phone every night! 

asus zenfone max

Ok, not just dramas and movies, there was also cooking channels, mtvs and many others.

asus zenfone max

Was a little hooked on this for a bit but the story plot is a little slow..

As of today, my awesome daughter has dropped my phone twice. The first one, created a barely visible small chip (if I have to be really nick picky about it) since she dropped it at a really steep angle. The second time she dropped it, it was flat on the screen and it didn’t crack! I also liked how the grip of the phone is with the classy embossed leather on back of phone. I can now hold my phone while laying down without slipping the phone on my face.

The other day the husband asked why am I bringing out ASUS OTG cable instead of the portable charger and I replied ‘heavy la‘. He thought I was lying and went to weigh out both gadgets by holding both at the same time. I was right, my portable charger was indeed heavier. I have used it a few times now to charge my other devices and it works well! Say goodbye to my portable charger already!

asus zenfone max

Overall, I’m very happy with the ASUS Zenfone Max and if you’re looking for an android phone, do check out this model as well as other series from the ASUS family! I heard they have one with powerful selfie mode, and another with an awesome zoom! 

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Disclaimer: I have received the ASUS Zenfone for a sponsored review in the post. No monetary payment was received. All content and opinions expressed here represent my own and are honest based on my own personal experience. 

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