Baby photoshoot with FLASH by Morffew


I’ve been waiting forever to do this. Yes, it’s constantly on my mind but I always sat on it. So one Saturday, while shopping with my brother’s family and my mum, I went ahead to do it while waiting for them to be finished with their Babyspa!

We had a baby photoshoot with FLASH by Morffew!

Okay, I actually meant that Charley had a quick photoshoot done at Westgate, by FLASH by Morffew. It’s not your usual photoshoot studio, it is an open booth space with each booth set in a different colour. No much props but supporting blocks for toddlers to hold on to. It seemed like a place for quick lunches if you’re a working professional (I think you get my picture) 🙂 I’ve passed by this place twice previously but this time, seems like the best time to do it. Afterall, Charley rejected the the mobile ride and we were waiting for my brother’s kiddo to have his swim…the photographer had told me to try it out and there was no obligations. Further to that, even though Charley is not dressed up for it, she still looks pretty good. Great skin, nice eyes, wispy cute hair..#nomakeup #nofilter and still #fantabulous. Jealous much. 

You know usual photoshoots takes about 2 – 3 hours of your time. Honestly, even being a SAHM, I just don’t have that luxury of time, especially with a toddler who’s trying to act like a teenager these days. But this shoot took us less than an hour, with additional 20 – 30 mins for photo uploading and enhancement. I went during Children’s Day promotion and I get to bring back most of the photos taken (aside to those repeated photos and those with eyes closed) instead of the usual 30 photos. I was also gifted with an acrylic photo stand! The photographer will store your photos in a thumbdrive and get those photos uploaded to their website. If you didn’t purchase all the photos but decided to after that, you could do so online! Only thing is the photos uploaded to their site expires in about a week. I would have preferred if they could store it for much longer! 

If you’d ask me, we did had a fun time doing this shoot. It was our first one and I liked that it was impromptu and thus not stressful. Otherwise, I’ll be at home planning what’s next to change into and what are the props I would bring etc. I’ll let the pictures do the talking!







All images belongs to Little Pockets Full. 

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