Baby schedule.

I haven’t tried bring Charley out on my own as of yet. Most of the time I’m out with my mum. In fact, Charley’s day schedule is so packed to the brim that sometimes she’s hardly got time to go to our nearby market. Well, when her schedule is so packed.. It only means that mine is twice worse since I’ve to look after her needs and wants. Further to that, her sleep regression is not doing me any good. These days, her nap time is so erratic that it ranges from 15 mins to 1 hr. In that time frame, I’m suppose to eat, wash up anything/everything, cook her food, wash her clothes and the list goes on.

At 7 months going 8 months old, this fine lady definitely knows how to show her moods. Sometimes she knows that by screaming her heart out does get her somewhere… But it doesn’t work on me every time so soon she’ll have to wise up 😛 She has also learnt to turn her face away from the bottle when she’s had enough. In the past she’ll just cough while drinking and the milk will always land on my face. When I tried to pop the bottle back into her mouth, she will struggle and find ways to turn away like stretching her body and making it as straight as a wakeboard. Yeap, this girl is growing up alright.

While I’m envious that some of the babies around her age are already sleeping through the night. I guess my time will come… eventually. I could coax her into thinking that there will be no more night feeds but since she’s a slim baby, I might as well let her drink if she’s up for it. For now I’ll just have to suck it up till she grows out of it on her own.

So a typical day goes like this:

6.30 – 7.30am: Baby wakes. Sometimes I’m lucky when she wakes at 7.30am, sometimes I get zombie hours at 5.30am. She would smile at me and wouldn’t go back to sleep. I don’t feed her when she wakes at such late timing closer to first feed else the day schedule would go haywire.

7.00am – 7.30am: First milk feed. Don’t get me wrong here. It’s not combat schooling so the timing is not fixed.

8.00am: I’ll make her two portion blended cereal; one for the evening. Sometimes we’ll to the market at this godly hour.

8.30am – 9.30am: Nap. These days she’s refusing to go for her nap. I catch my breakfast while she naps.

9.30am: Baby Breakfast is served. Currently into purée.

10.00am: Shower.

11.30am: Second milk feed.

12.00pm: Second nap of the day. Sometimes it’s a good one hour nap, other days it’s a 15 min cat nap. I catch my lunch here.

2.00pm: Fruit tasting. Enough said.

3.30pm: Milk feed.

4.30pm: If I’m lucky she will take another nap here.

5.30pm: Baby Dinner is served.

6.30pm: Quick shower. Charley perspires a lot so it’s not possible to just wipe her up. Yes I know that babies have heir natural oils to protect them and I’m washing it away but I think letting her sleep in comfort is better than letting her sleep in perspiration. Furthermore I’d just briefly wash her up.

7.30pm: Milk feed and night routine. She’ll go to sleep between 7.30pm – 8.00pm these days and that’s when I connect myself to the rest of the world.

11.00pm: Struggling to sleep. Sometimes she’ll need a feed here sometimes she doesn’t.

2.30am – Night feed.

And my day starts all over again like 50 days of summer only that I’ve still got my memory intact. Of course I’ll try my best to keep to her schedule when we’re out and we’ll just skip on fruits in the noon. How is your baby schedule like? Do share them along with me! 🙂


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