Bean’s dainty feet collection

2 weeks ago we saw this cute litte caucasian mix boy wearing the most comfortable leather looking shoes at our gynae clinic. 2 weeks later, I managed to find the shoes online! I’ve not been bearing to spend much after my salary was discounted after joining this job but with the 15% coupon code and free delivery for expenditures above $100 (sgd), I’ve decided to go for it!

These are the damages I have incurred on my credit card for you baby bean:

foxysales bobux

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Okay, I know babies grow up real fast…but how could you resist right? After all, the first tier is meant for babies 3 – 9 months, second tier is for 9 – 15 months and third tier is for 15 – 21 months. Bean is going barefooted as a newborn because it’s actually better to go barefoot according to medical experts specializing in podopaediatrics. Walking barefooted in the first year actually helps babies develop good toe gripping exercise, strong ankles and flexible foot bones. That said, my cute little shoes will still have to be worn when we head out because it’s a little impractical to let babies walk barefooted in the open due to hazardous materials on the concrete floor. You never know what you’re stepping on, even as adults! I shall not harp on why I buy these shoes but google Bobux and you may have the idea. I’m not paid to advertise for them but if you wish to purchase on and make use of the coupon code, drop me your email! 🙂

Ps. The boys shoes are super cute but I’m having a baby girl so don’t miss out!

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