Confinement Menu

Earlier I’ve mentioned about this confinement menu I’ve done up for myself as a guide to the Confinement Nanny. The dishes are fairly simple because I prefer a clear palette and most of them are kids-friendly where stated. However, this is just a reference so feel free to edit where you’d like. Please view it here  Share This:

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Happy Birthday to the Man of the House


On the same day last year, our dear daughter was unable to sing Papa a birthday song. This year, she sang two versions! In both english and mandarin! Exactly how many birthday celebrations they had in school that she was able to sing the mandarin version in full….I wonder I guess nobody enjoys birthday celebrations more than Charley since she is mostly the one blowing out the candles! This year’s birthday was also much different as we’ve the company of […]

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Recipe: Hershey’s Brownies


Before we plunge right into the recipe or my verdict of this yummy brownie – Hello kellykylie! Welcome on board 🙂 So on Thursday a friend (monmon) came by and spent her day with us (Me and Charley) baking brownies. It was actually our first time baking together and we’ve decided to go for something easy, fuss-free, quick and definitely yummy without needing a stand mixer. It was quite a last minute plan and after a few clicks on the net, […]

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Recipe: Mac & Cheese (The Easy Way)


I have been finding easy to cook recipes mostly because my day is usually quite pressed for time. So the other day, I went on to cook Mac & Cheese for the kiddo. Our nearest supermarket was on renovation so I had to make do with what the smaller Marts were offering. Here is the recipe I went with but adapted along the way by omitting salt and included super vegetables. I purposely added in a fair bit of vegetables […]

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Recipe: Buttered French Toast (The Easy Way)


Before you read on, I just want to announce that I’m a noob cook. I have been trying to vary the tastes and textures of Charley’s food recently. Just the other day I woke up a little earlier trying out baked sweet potato sticks for breakfast and I think she loves it. She finished most of it and got too full for her milk feed after. Thus, in my attempt to search for easy breakfast options, I vividly remember the […]

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Charley is officially ONE!


Entire July went by in a whim! We were so busy that the only place I was updating about me and Charley was on Instagram. We shifted into our new place and Charley celebrated her first birthday at our new place! Definitely what I’ve hope for for her first party! I’ve wanted a cosy place and private/ intimate setting and everything went exactly as planned. Thanks to my girls for helping out. Couldn’t have thanked them enough. So what did […]

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Charley’s solids – Purple Sweet Potato

Okay, I didn’t know that the sweet potato that I’ve bought from our local organic store turns out to be purple. I thought the skin was purple and the flesh orange. Human minds are trained in such a way that if the food comes out in weird colors, the food is weird. Let’s say… Pink bananas? You get my drift. So purple? Let’s just say maybe my baby would like it cause it’s a rainbow color. Nah, my baby is […]

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Charley’s solids – Puréed Potato

Charley doesn’t fancy potato the minute I popped it into her mouth. Maybe it isn’t the right time, maybe she’s not keen to try out at this moment but we’re not giving up! How can little munchkin not like potato when that’s her daddy’s favorite food? This post is a little late because so far we’ve tried other food like peas, sweet potato, broccoli, sweet corn, carrot, apple, avocado, pear and banana. Little munchkin is really not a fan of […]

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Charley’s solids – Puréed Pumpkin

We’ve started Charley on her first solids few days before she’s officially six months old and she’s definitely not a big fan of eating…as yet! Unlike most parents, I’ve decided to go with vegetables first, fruits then poultry and cereal. Cereal is a staple item so she’s definitely going to have to eat that sooner or later but I’m going with vegetables first because it’s not the yummiest food to a kiddo (IMO) and I want her to develop her […]

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Its a good food day!

My dearest cousin must have heard bean’s calling. She didn’t forget about our date and she wasn’t late (this time it’s me instead). And well..bean’s calling was good food. Good food in my opinion, is not just about expensive food. It’s about the person I’m eating with. We could be eating at the shabbiest joint anywhere but the companion matters. Like I was telling my cousin that I would rather eat alone than having to ‘entertain’ an eating partner that […]

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