The Top 3 Pests at Home

I know it has been a long while since I write. I have taken some time off to have more time to myself and kiddo. Today I am going to write about the TOP 3 PESTS AT HOME. They irked me so much that I have dedicated this post just to write about them!  We have shifted into our new place in the north about 8 months ago. Yes, only a mere 8 months and I have a list of […]

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A thought and a random update.


I finally understand why a lot of mummy bloggers blogged and stopped halfway. The same thing goes for my mummy friends. Sometimes it’s not about time commitment to go write about something and periodically post it. It is more of thinking about what to write that will keep our little small group of readers interested. Every time I sat in front of my laptop wanting to write about something, I stopped. Will what I write be interesting? Is it a good […]

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