Tainan: Day 8 to Day 12 (16Nov – 20Nov)


Traveling from Yilan to Tainan means we have to take a bus back to Taipei Railway for a transfer. This was probably the easiest and fastest route to get to Tainan as Yilan was kind of in between. We didn’t mind it at all since the ride was full of scenic views and the bus was clean and comfortable. The timing was right after lunch for us and Charley even managed to take a nap! Many locals travel via bus […]

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Yilan: Day 4 to Day 8 (12Nov – 16Nov)


So who exactly did we see? Read on to see who’s our handsome Airbnb host! Yes, we backpacked our way to Taiwan with a kiddo in tow, can you believe it? How did we do it? Well, Charley only drinks FM once a day and she eats the rest of her meals like us so it was relatively easy. She is also potty-trained but I would say diapers are easily available where we picked our stay. But what I really […]

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Taipei: Day 1 to Day 4 (9Nov – 12Nov)


We departed Singapore at 8:15am and reached Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport around 1:05pm. Transportation to the city has been made convenient with the Express Train Service from Taoyuan MRT. You can get to Taipei Main Station and switch to wherever you’re headed. In our case, our Airbnb was at Liuzhangli 六張犁; while it was super convenient with 7-11s around us and a foot massage right down our living space, I wouldn’t recommend staying around this station because we had to cross to the other […]

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22 days in Taiwan

So we recently spent 22 November days in Taiwan! If not for my boy who didn’t join us on this trip, I doubt I would want to come back home! Taiwan has been our go-to travel destination most of the time…my husband says Taiwan is the only place he is willing to travel to in this lifetime, but I hope that we will have other places available on his map soon. Traveling is so…tiring with kids and I won’t lie […]

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Out and About – A Day at the Beach

So we woke up when the baby woke – 7am, and we started going about preparing our stuff to go to the beach. It was a Saturday morning and when we took our first step out of the lift, we saw dark clouds and drizzles of rain. Imagine my disappointment! I’ve made her breakfast in the thermos so we could feed her there; we’ve even brought out a portion of newspapers for leisure reading! Undeterred, I told the husband that […]

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