Hiring a confinement nanny (Part 2)

I can’t wait for confinement to be over. That was the only thought on my head for that full month and I would be highlighting some hits and misses for that duration. On most days, I fancied that I didn’t have to cook by myself. Especially the preparation of ingredients for cooking cause that actually takes the most time. However, the food were too oily and salty for our taste. I had prepared a menu, yes, I did allowed the CN […]

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My caesarean experience at Mount Elizabeth Novena


Our baby boy was delivered in the wee hours of 1st Sept! Hello everyone, my name is Keisen  I had my previous baby at Gleneagles and between these two, I much prefer Mount Elizabeth Novena (MENH). We deliver the baby at MENH as our gynae Dr Choo WL shifted her practice to Novena just before my second term. We are glad she did as traveling time will be cut by almost 15mins for us living in the North. Comparatively, MENH […]

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My Big Sister Gift


We are about 1 day to delivery  and I have just finished packing my hospital bag with some items to fill in at the very last minute; this was actually no.1 on my checklist because I have contractions every now and then since late second trimester but I don’t know why I am only doing it now. This pregnancy passed by in a whirlwind and to be honest, I think reality will only set in when I’m at the hospital. […]

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My take on GAIA Natural Baby Skincare Products (Review and Promocode)


My knowledge of using organic products for our firstborn 3 years ago was limited. Back then, using organic did not came across our mind but as long as the product is safe to use, it would be one of the options for us. However, over the years of caring for our little one, using organic products (not just for the little one but for the entire household) became a priority when we learnt more about how much harmful chemicals we are […]

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Hiring a Confinement Nanny (Part 1)

confinement meal planning

While I had the luxury of having my mom took care of me during my previous confinement, this time round I have decided on hiring a confinement nanny (CN) instead. My mom is getting on in years and she’s needed to look after my nephew so after reviewing some of the agencies online, I have decided to go with PEM Confinement Nanny Agency. There are pros and cons of hiring a nanny; many could also debate the need of having to hire one. […]

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A little update – We’re having a baby!


Hello! It has been about 2 months since I last wrote! To be honest, it actually felt like it was 5 months since I last wrote. I’m sorry if I’d abandoned my blog for a bit because I’ve been busy with baby 2 and managing a toddler who’s asking for attention! Busy is not exactly the right word to use here, because time flies by in a blink of an eye and I am barely physically nor mentally ready. I’ve actually […]

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Follow up post: What should really be in your hospital bag (caesarean)?

This is a follow up post on what should really be in your hospital bag. Previously I’ve written about what I’ve brought along.. guess what? Plenty of things were left unused and we ended up lugging everything back. Note that I was too confident earlier that we were able to. That’s no easy feat considering you have a baby in tow and stitches of pain that makes you unable to stand, sit, bend well. The latter pretty much makes you […]

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See you tomorrow Bean!

It’s quite amazing how the days go by just like that, into months, and before you know it..we’re having a baby.. tomorrow! I’m not sure if I have any energy to blog about anything post-delivery or even hours before it so I guess I’m writing it before I enter into a panic attack. Haha! I’m also very happy to have found a fellow mum who happens to be delivering in the same hospital as I am tomorrow, all through the […]

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Packing for Bean.

I’m sure as first time parents like us you’ll want to bring every single thing you’ve bought for the little one. It’s the same for us. With every item we packed, it’s like ‘hey, let’s bring another one..let’s take this too..let’s bring more, we can choose later…more variety!’ And then the bag gets heavier. The husband always say that it doesn’t matter cause he’s the one carrying it. (Of course I can’t be the one carrying it, I’m already carrying […]

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What’s in my hospital bag?

I’ve been putting on hold packing my hospital bag for the longest time. Okay, probably exaggerated a little since I’ve just got the bag flown in from Amazon close to a month back, or about 3 weeks. Technically, it’s not my bag..it’s Bean’s diaper bag.. but she won’t know till she’s reading this right? 🙂 While I really wanted get into the whole packing mood, my body won’t listen to me. As it is with most third trimesters, you can […]

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