Charley’s Diaper Bag

We have been out with Charley a few times that we have quite a good insight to what should be in her diaper bag. I finally understand now when my gf says that I would no longer have a place for my own bag, instead, my bag would probably be downgraded to a necessity pouch (wallet, keys, iphone) within my baby’s bag. True that.

The first few times we went out as it was time to bring the baby to the PD. Since we are at this topic, I would like to recommend Dr. Ratna Sridjaja if you’re delivering at Gleneagles. More about PDs next post. Subsequently, we had to go cause its my turn at the gynae. Thereafter, I had to bring her to check on her bowels. So my cabin fever wasn’t that bad as all these trips were made during my confinement, which is still taking place as we speak.


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Charley’s  magical bag consist of:

1. Diapers: We’re using Huggies newborn and she’s definitely growing out of it. Upgrading to size S soon to protect her modesty. I bring about 4 diapers out each time (im usually out for a short period of time for now because newborns do not have any eat/ sleep patterns yet!) because she have really explosive moments at times.

2. Diaper rash cream: I have a sample pack and I’m loving the convenience of it.

3. A set of new clothes: her explosive moments… have their moments. ‘Nuff said.

3. Food: when we’re out, she drinks formula so we won’t be caught midway with no area for breastfeeding. In any case, she’s taken a liking to bottle feeding instead of latching direct and when she’s hungry, she has no mood to even try latching. Also, my supply has not build itself up to its maximum so I’d rather her tummy get filled instead of having her crying her lungs out where we are at. Food also includes a hot thermal and cool water bottle with two infant milk bottles. My baby have sudden feeding urges and sometimes I may not be in time to clean the bottle up before her next feeding time.

4. Wet wipes and dry tissue paper: for changing of diapers and/or cleaning up basically anything!

5. One extra swaddle: just in case.

6. Portable changing mat: comes along with my diaper bag so we’re good. I prefer having my own mat because its cleaner and more hygienic for the baby..

7. Some plastic bags: for temporary storing of garbage if you’re at a inaccessible place.

8. Her health booklet: if we’re going to the PD.

9. Hand sanitizer: when you’re out with a newborn you need really good hygiene habits.

Maybe that’s all, maybe I’ve missed out a little, but that’s the gist of the bag. So what’s inside your baby’s diaper bag?

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