Charley’s solids – Puréed Pumpkin


We’ve started Charley on her first solids few days before she’s officially six months old and she’s definitely not a big fan of eating…as yet! Unlike most parents, I’ve decided to go with vegetables first, fruits then poultry and cereal. Cereal is a staple item so she’s definitely going to have to eat that sooner or later but I’m going with vegetables first because it’s not the yummiest food to a kiddo (IMO) and I want her to develop her love for her veggies. The hubs is not a fan of vegetables and that’s not going to happen to Charley. Haha!

Pumpkin was chosen first because it’s slightly sweet.. Imagine if I go for broccoli first – steam, blend… Yummy? Haha! I’m not adding any salt or sugar to the pure goodness because their digestive system are still developing.. Moreover, she wouldn’t know if it’s too sweet, salty or whatever at her age isn’t it? The first try of putting food in her mouth was pretty much of what goes in all came out. She was tasting the food and it probably didn’t sit too well with her so once the trial was good enough, I finished up the rest of the purée myself! Not a fan of pumpkin but $4 for a sliced of organic pumpkin? I’m definitely cleaning up after this young lady. Organic or not doesn’t make a huge difference to me, I just happened to be at the organic section and the pumpkin color looks yummy.

It was really easy making purée for Charley. Philips Avent blender did not disappoint. Only thing I would have love if someone could invent a sound proof blender. I couldn’t make the food when her sleep time always coincides with her lunch time and I have to wait because the blender always wake her up.


So what’s next for this little lady? Stay tune for the next first food post! 🙂

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