Charley’s solids – Puréed Potato

Charley doesn’t fancy potato the minute I popped it into her mouth. Maybe it isn’t the right time, maybe she’s not keen to try out at this moment but we’re not giving up! How can little munchkin not like potato when that’s her daddy’s favorite food?


This post is a little late because so far we’ve tried other food like peas, sweet potato, broccoli, sweet corn, carrot, apple, avocado, pear and banana. Little munchkin is really not a fan of eating. Either that or she’s been teething and it’s been pretty hard on her gums. So far she has two little ones on the lower gums and one more is popping on the top gum. She’s salivating so much that she’s got this rashes on her chin (ugh!) and I didn’t want to put any cream since it’s so near to her mouth. Well, it will go away eventually!

Nope, she’s not feeding herself…yet


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