Christmas came early (My Miracle Baby review)


I have always been an fan of online shopping and you can always see me scouring the net for something worthy to buy for my kiddos, myself or for home. After having children, I’ve fallen into the vicious cycle of shopping more for them instead of for myself and I’m sure many moms are like me. With Christmas around the corner and town full of people, I went online to find gifts instead.

I was very thankful when Adale from My Miracle Baby approached me to review some of their products. Since I’ve already purchased most of my post-pregnancy items, I gave this opportunity for Charley to choose something from the site as her present. Well, a gal is a gal alright! She went for Janod’s Mademoiselle Doll’s House which was made of her favourite colour pink! Papa wanted the scooter while I had my eyes on so many others. But our opinions doesn’t really matter since we have given her the right to choose. When the dollhouse arrived, I had to stop myself from prying open the pretty box because I think that Charley would be so happy to do that by herself, and I was right. 

*** a local online store selling baby and pregnant mother items was setup by Adale, a mother who wanted to earn her keep and at the same time to always be there for her two miracle babies. The website boasts a good product range carrying about 11 brands such as Comfi (the pillow both my 2 month old and 3 year old is using), Janod, ItaltrikeFedora amongst many others.

Janod – Mademoiselle Doll’s House. Comes in a hardy box!

This is all MINE!

About Janod

Janod is France’s leading wooden toy company with over 40 years of history. Their items are self designed by their in-house designers and the brand is recognised for their striking range of children’s wooden educational toys which are built to last. 

The Mademoiselle Doll’s House was made of solid wood (so it’s quite heavy but super sturdy), painted with non-toxic colours and comes along with 17 accessories including 2 characters.

 Hands on fix-it session with Daddy while I cooked dinner

The pieces are all individually bubble wrapped and well protected. The items carries a smooth finish and none of them experienced any paint chip off. I am a fan of wooden toys – they don’t spoil as easily and they leave room for a more imaginative play. This girl simply couldn’t wait for the dollhouse to be done!

Opening up the items one by one and placing them in the dollhouse!

Really dear..why does the kitchen belongs in the attic?

Feeling accomplished after opening up all the accessories/ furniture and putting them where she wants it to be. So the kitchen is now facing the bed. I guess it’s nice to have your breakfast next to the bed 😛

This little girl has grown to be so assertive and you really wouldn’t want to shift the placement of the toys without her permission. She also insisted that all doors and windows are shut when she’s not playing with it. I tried opening the windows and doors while she was in school one day and when she came back, she questioned me like a true blue detective I do wished that the two characters look more fine though..but my daughter isn’t complaining so I guess that’s alright by her! 

Adale has also gifted us with a Comfi pillow for Charley. Growing up, Charley have tried a few range of kid’s pillows and we much preferred Comfi pillow as the material is breathable and it dries easily (our woes on having her vomit all over and I don’t think we are alone on this one). We can simply put it in the washer with a laundry bag and it doesn’t go out of shape!

Unlike most children’s pillow which sinks in and gives a poor body posture, Comfi features a unique “X-90 Degree” 3D structure, composed of 40 support points per cm³ allows firm orthopaedic support for spinal alignment of the kid’s body.

Pretending to sleep!

Other features of the pillow:

  • Perspiration and heat from body is easily dissipated with COMFI 3D Breathable Fabric™, providing a more comfortable sleep for the baby.
  • COMFI 3D Breathable Fabric™ allows air to pass through freely to reduce the risk of suffocation.
  • Washable and quick dry property allows total removable of any residue on the fabric, inhibit dust-mite infestation and bacterial growth.
  • SGS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified – no usage of any harmful substance

The above is adapted from website.

Thanks My Miracle Baby for gifting us! The website is currently having a good 20% off (or more on some items) for Janod’s toys from now till 31st Dec so if you’re looking for a specific item for your kids or something to gift for Christmas, do check them out! 

Disclaimer:I have received products from My Miracle Baby for a sponsored review in the post. No monetary payment was received. All content and opinions expressed here represent my own and are honest based on my own personal experience. 

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