Classic Dream…are you a dream? (part two)

Backtracking to about 3 weeks before, that was when I made my call to Tissot retailer at somerset to find out where exactly my watch was at. I had requested for a store manager to take over my case but the person who picked up the phone (named A) said that the store manager is not at this outlet today, thus, I told A that he could handle my case and not pass it back to the lady who sold me the watch (named C). I specifically said I do not ever want to speak to C again.

To cut the story short, I asked A if the watch was only reaching me after I delivered my baby. Can you imagine that? That would be in August! And that’s a good 5 months of waiting should that be a reality. In fact, I called wanting to request for a refund..that I was not going to go down collect the refund and they can mail me the cheque. Upon hearing the magical word ‘REFUND’, some actions were carried out and in the next phone call, A told me that their boss also does export business and if he will call me personally on the following Monday to confirm if this batch contains Classic Dream. I said fine to more waiting (I must be crazy!) and A actually kept to his words and called me to say that Classic Dream is coming. There was a date for its arrival and it was the following week. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes these people needed to be pushed? Magically my watch is coming after a mere phone call requesting for a refund. Its like they have never came to a good solution from April till now. Tsk.

The following week when the watch had reached the outlet, C called me. (Remember I said I never wanted to speak with C again? Ugh) She said that the watch is here and I can come by to get it. I said okay and I let them waited for one week before I pop by. Of course they wasn’t in any sense of urgency since I’m the one who wanted to have that thing on my wrist. When i reached the outlet, C served me. i wonder which part of ‘not wanting to speak with her again’ not clarified. I took to her professionally, examined the watch and I rejected it. I ended up not wanting the watch. I told C that there was a dent in the frame and her reply was ‘with wear and tear the watches will have more. This was the one and only watch that we managed to transfer from Swatch.’ In my mind I was cursing the shop. Who the hell told me that the boss went to export the watch in? So if Swatch group has it under their wings then why was I made to wait for months? Lastly, what do you mean with that reply? I was suppose to bear with the dent??? I’m appalled at the choice of words this lady is conveying to me here.

Without further consideration, I asked for a refund. C said that its her last day tomorrow (such coincidence!) and she will put it across to the supervisor to check with the boss. I told her she can check all she wants but I want my refund back no matter what. This has to be one of the worst customer service I’ve ever endured for a purchase. Right now, I just want my money back. Of course, I will ban this watch retailer for the rest of my life (that’s if they made it for the next few months).

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