Classic Dream…are you a dream?

I was contemplating if I should put up a non-baby related post on a mummy baby blog and I decided that I just had to do it.

Many of my friends would know that I’ve been saying that I’m getting a watch. Heck, my colleague/friend next to me even remembered the date I tried to get it. Why would I say tried? Because its not in my possession as yet after I went in to the shop and paid $100 as deposit sometime in March. I was getting a Tissot watch by the way. The make was Classic Dream. Ya, I’m still dreaming about it apparently..since last night I dreamt that I put on a brand new watch on my wrist. Woke up feeling pretty sore about it.

It was a legitimized retailer of Tissot watches and seriously I’m close to speechless about the level of service I’m getting here. Fine, the watch is not on the expensive range. But that doesn’t mean the service to me should be discounted. I went to get this watch in March. The outlet said they will order the watch and it will arrive in a week’s time. Perhaps that’s in animal time as its been a month now? After two weeks of no news, I’ve finally decided to make a call to the outlet and check on my watch. I explained my situation and guess what the sales person told me..: We have just managed to check the entire Singapore and no one is carrying the watch. So we are going to place the order now and Switzerland will make the watch and it will be delivered to Singapore. I asked for the watch to be delivered before my birthday and I lied that its meant for another’s birthday. That was April and the watch didn’t make it in time. They said they will take about a month then. I am currently unhappy cause its been more than a month and that watch is still not on my wrist.

I’m about to make another call to the outlet and they better give me a better excuse this time round. I hope I dont’t have to expect the delivery of the watch after I deliver Bean..seriously.

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