CNY Eve X Ang Pows

You know that when you are married, it’s no longer your turn to receive ang pows. That’s probably one of the minus points of being married early (Maybe that’s why couples are all marrying later and later eh!). Like I’ve just whatsapp an ex-colleague about his upcoming wedding in March which I’m gonna be absent for as his wedding clashes with another cousin of mine, ‘Hey, M, please remember it’s your last year to receive as many ang pows as possible! Next year, it’ll be your turn to give out! ;)’ If you’re the kiasu kind, just have a kiddo early and your baby can start collecting ang pows the very next year! #justsaying

Okay, bean is not here for the purpose of collecting ang pows but I don’t deny that it will be good to offset some of the givings../covers smile

Our reunion eve dinner feels like a Sunday dinner this year because there was no steamboat. The Chinese custom says that you are not to have steamboat and CNY decors up during the first year of Lunar New Year if someone in the family passed away. So it was the usual dinner and mahjong after. Boys were watching soccer so there was no Dong Dong Chiang on TV either. I’d insist that this is a Sunday in disguise..but I know that we will have to go bai nian tomorrow. Tomorrow may be a brighter CNY since I’m heading back to my maternal home and I know that my mum has the idea to decorate our place into a huge ang pow. Can’t wait to load up some photos to share.

Next year this time, perhaps our own place will be ready. If that’s so, maybe I could host a reunion dinner for friends at my place! The thought of it excites me even though I’m no masterchef. Well, I guess if it’s steamboat I just need to make the soup base and buy ingredients right? Haha!

Anyhows, bean will be collecting ang pows next year! How awesome is that! Please get ready your ang pows as you come by my place!!  😀

PS. ang pows – red packets in hokkien (a dialect)

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