Of different parenting styles.

Google ‘types of parents’ and a lot of articles come out from all over. What kind of parenting style do you think you fall under? We are not going all judgemental here and go about how others parent, but time to time, I do a self-check on myself to make sure that I am adopting the right style and approach (that I want) to guide Charley as she grows.

There are 4 categories of parenting: Authoritative parenting; Authoritarian parenting; Indulgent parenting; Neglectful parenting. Of course, no one wants to fall under the latter. Okay, we are not going all up this dry alley and make you all sleepy so if you’re interested to learn more please find on Wiki or on about parenting

The reason for this post is actually a reminder to myself to allow Charley to grow into the person she wants to be. That it is okay to fall, because without failures there’ll be no success. No one in the world woke up knowing how to bake a kingdom. Think Richard Branson and Bill Gates. That it is important to learn self-worth and to have empathy. That it is okay to ask questions, whether silly or not. To have a positive self-esteem. 

I was once criticised for the failures in baking macaroons. I didn’t give up learning, I just didn’t have the time to learn after I had Charley. And now that I have Charley, all I wanted was to bake healthier snacks so macaroons was not on my list. I wasn’t ashamed that my macaroon journey was a flop. Now that I have a little more time on my side as she started pre-school, I am thinking to bake some cookies instead.

I am who I am because my parents have allowed me the room to grow. They spared the rod, did not hover over me all the time and did not go crazy over me because I wasn’t bringing home straight As. In fact, my Principal of Accounts was at E8 but I did pass the subject when I graduated. I am adopting this parenting style – to give Charley room to grow. Of course, when she goes over the line I am definitely stepping in. But till then, let’s have more fun before she really grows up! 


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