Fanning the heat/haze down.

20130625-125057.jpgIt’s been a whopping 34 degrees for the past few days. Quite a spoilt brat to start complaining about the weather when some of the other parts of the world experiences even worse temperatures. But well, being pregnant meant that your body temperature is higher..and that can get really unbearable for me. I can shower and come out perspiring again, I hate that feeling. I have been trying to survive without aircon for the day when I have my off days at home and keeping night time aircon temperatures to a good 25 degrees in an effort to be more environmental friendly. But I finally broke my record last night, I switched the aircon to 23 degrees and oh my, I must say I had quite a good sleep minus the frequent trips to the toilet.

That said, I do feel bad about not being environmental friendly but at this point, I should concentrate on my well being right? This lack of sleep will make me a cranky woman and become very sensitive, or maybe even emotional. Not great feelings for bean to absorb. In an effort to cope with the rising temperature for day time, I have also made this awesome fan (not from scratch) by replacing the ugly poster that was promoting some taxi stuff which dropped off by itself because the glue was too lousy. Now I’m so proud to use this in the public, on the trains and while I walk..not caring if people thinks I’m aunty. I’m a fashionable (delusional) aunty if that matters.

The recent haze saga is also contributing to the poor air quality that is deemed as super unhealthy/ hazardous for many. I’m sure you’ve read and I don’t have to bore you with such old news. I just want to reiterate that it’s not just PSI you should be concerned about. You should also be more aware and concern about PM2.5 instead. As far as I’ve came to understand, this is the killer that resides in your lungs and may potentially threaten your health. Please people, try to wear your mask even the public thinks you look stupid with a bra pad N95 on your face. Better to be safe than sorry!

PS. From my knowledge, if you are as pregnant as I am now (third trimester), you should not be wearing N95 for prolonged periods of time. Keep it to 15 – 20 mins to prevent shortness of breath. It’s not that you cannot wear, just be extra attentive to your body needs and react accordingly.

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