First-Time Parents

I have been so held up with taking care of Charley that I simply have close to zilch energy to blog recently. Forgive the hiatus.

So what have been we been up to?

Many times people wonder how could one be so busy taking care of baby. Shouldn’t bonding time be free and easy? Not quite so. I could tell you most of my time is taken up feeding and burping baby, trying to coax her to sleep, washing bottles and sterilizing every feeding equipment after using them once..(as recommended by PD because infants have yet to build up their system). It’s a 2-3 hourly feeding at this stage and before you know it, it’s time for next feed. This cycle would pretty much be it for the next couple of months.. And if we get lucky, night feeds gets extended because baby feels like it. So far her best record was set at 6 hours but we didn’t slept alongside to her on that particular night because we least expected a 6 hour stint. Right now, we are on 2-3 hourly night feeds. So imagine waking up to feed the baby every 2-3 hourly, burp her, put her to bed, wash the bottles, sterilize them, sleep, wake, feed the baby, burp the baby… You get the drill.

Most of my friends would read the above and probably say, FYL Mel. As much as I wish to get my beloved sleep time back, I know with a fact that I will never have that luxury of sleep ever with our new family addition. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.. because how long could my little one stay as a newborn? This window of growth would pass by before I know it. So even if I had to sneak a 15 mins sleep just to make sure my baby gets her sleep then so be it. As they always say, suck it up!

Charley currently weighs about 4.4kg and is a tall lady for her age. In another few weeks she’ll be as heavy as a little bundle of rice. It’s quite funny because I can’t wait for her to get to that stage and look all ‘Michelin tyre-like’. It has also been quite crazy setting routine and keeping to it. Newborns don’t take routine very well because its not time to let them cry it out at this age so whenever she cries, we have to soothe her down or pick her up if she gets too clever and knows that crying is the way to go. Well… I can only say that Charley is a clever girl. Haha.

This period of time would be more toiling because she’s still young and there’s plenty of things we’re unsure about. Such as when her nose gets so blocked up and she seems to be short on breath; I was so worried that she can’t breathe at all and we brought her to the PD the next day to get the piece of dirt out. (Okay, we saw a huge chunk of nose dirt in her dainty little nose and we tried using some equipment to suck it out but to no avail, we tried ok!) Or the times where her prickly heat rash gets all over her body and she seems to be really fussy about it. Or her inconsistent output – poop. The list goes on. But once she’s more settled and is at a fun age (3 months onwards), I’m sure we’ll have it easier too.

Forgive and bear with us if we get too anal about baby’s well being at this stage. Trust me, it’s first-time parents syndrome and it will definitely get better! 🙂

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