Follow up post: What should really be in your hospital bag (caesarean)?

This is a follow up post on what should really be in your hospital bag. Previously I’ve written about what I’ve brought along.. guess what? Plenty of things were left unused and we ended up lugging everything back. Note that I was too confident earlier that we were able to. That’s no easy feat considering you have a baby in tow and stitches of pain that makes you unable to stand, sit, bend well. The latter pretty much makes you feel like a mummy.. I’m talking about the Egyptian ones.

1. For all post caesarean delivery, you do not need to bring a lot of your own maternity pads. Heck, you probably cant even change your own pad and the nurses had to do it for you. Really, forget about all the shyness you have in you and just lay there while the works are done. The only time you need to use your own is from day two onwards when your doc gives the go ahead to remove catheter and when you’re discharging from the hospital.

2. A few sets of maternity nursing bra/undies – I survived with just one actually. In fact, if you’re in a pro-breastfeeding hospital like Gleneagles (GEH), they bring baby to you everytime when they’re hungry. They are on a routine of 3 hourly, so forget about your bra because before you felt like you’ve slept, you’ll be awake to nurse or take a blood pressure. As for undies, remember I said that you can’t really walk to change yourself? You’re on a catheter so its all day two onwards.

3. PJs, Bathrobes, Socks, SlippersGEH maternity robe is very….maternally designed. I guess everyone was wearing the same but with different prints. No matter how hip hop one is, when you’re delivering will transform into a mumsy totally.

Haha, see what I mean? Here’s me and my little one who’s a few days old. ME, a little filled up with water retention.

Forget about your own PJs. I wore my own slippers throughout even though they provided bathroom slippers.

4. Toiletries – They also provided all the toiletries. I didn’t managed to shower at all (pardon the stink!) but I was given a wipedown. So, you don’t need to bring the toiletries unless you prefer to use your own. GEH used La Source from Crabtree & Evelyn if you must know.

6. iPad, iPhone, charger and a fully charged camera – I would totally just ditch the iPad and my camera and just use iPhone camera instead. Nothing beats looking at my newborn.

7. SNACKS – We ended up not eating any of what I’ve brought along because GEH provides serving of food which includes Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Dinner. They give you biscuits and milo if you get hungry. Albeit not super tasty but you won’t have much appetite anyways.

8. Maternity Bed Mats – GEH provides!

I hope this list gives you a clearer picture of what should go into your bag. I was so lost being a first time parent that I practically wanted to bring everything but I’m glad I’ve learned! 🙂

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