Halfway mark.

I’m currently into my 5th month, that only meant another few more months to go. How time flies when you’re busy working. That said, I haven’t been actively piling up those baby knowledge and making up my mind for confinement stuff either. Too busy. Le sigh.

My feet have also started to feel the weight pile even though bean is only about 400grams. . Maybe the rest of the weight came from my own weight gain? 😛 Either way I guess its not reflecting much since first time strangers say I’m as pregnant as a cat. Further elaborating that you can only tell if a cat is pregnant when you look at it’s tummy. Glad to hear that.

On a side note, we are starting to feel bean’s activity in my tummy! It’s indeed indescribable. The first time when I felt it last month where I was only about 4 months into pregnancy, I described the feeling as ‘wobbly’. I asked my gynae and she says not everyone can feel it at 4 months cause the movements are very light..its almost like a fly landing on you. I know…we could have stick to more beautiful things like butterflies but I guess butterflies movements are heavier. The wobbling was actually quite an awkward feeling.. Like I said, its indescribable and wobble was the closest term I could came up with. Now at 5 months, I can tell you bean no longer wobbles…she kicks! In such a way that it felt like an extra heartbeat when I managed to catch the movements on my belly with my bare hands! I have not catch up with her kicking patterns yet but it seems that waiting for dinner is unbearable for her (like it is for me). I had to get Bento (the husband) to listen in to the movements. And I don’t know why I’m so happy when bean kicks when he place his head on my belly. Maybe I’m thinking in the sense that bean is kicking his father’s face..probably something I wanted to do in my dreams. Hahaha! With that, it’ll be another month to the gynae and I’ll keep you guys posted of more updates to come! Happy April’s Fool people! 🙂

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    1. Hello dear! I like your posts! They say that first time parents usually deliver slightly earlier than the given EDD. Great to hear about you from afar! 🙂

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