Halfway to 1.

In another few weeks dear little Charley will be turning 6 months old. 6 months old brings a totally new set of spendings required to fill this little one up. Getting this post idea from Mummy Ruth, here’s what we have/ will be prepping for Charley:

High Chair: I spotted the ikea baby highchair a couple of months ago and I told myself I needed to get it! It cost between $25-$109 depending on the type you fancy and my take is if the highchair is stable and safe…It’s even better if it’s easy on my pockets!

Blender: We’ve got the Philips Avent combined steamer and blender way before Charley popped. A dear gf reviewed the item and told me it’s super convenient to use so I’m anticipating my first use! All you have to do is to wash and cut the food item into smaller pieces, steam it in the jug and flip it over to blend it! Sounds easy!

Baby first food books: Yes I could have easily gotten recipes and ideas online but I’m a noob cook and I’m old school. It’s like I prefer looking at books to looking at iPad; receiving snail mails to receiving emails.


Baby bibs: Definitely need plenty of these to tide us through food wars. Very glad with those hand-me-downs from the cousin. I’ve also bought a pack of Pigeon’s disposable bibs for on-the-go.

Weaning utensils: I’ve bought ours at a recent store closing sale. Mummy Ruth has introduced me to Baby Led Weaning and I’m very interested to try that too!

Thermos: I’m keeping a lookout on the above brand itself or maybe Tiger or Zojirushi. I’ve seen steam coming out of Thermos itself after my gf kept the flask for over 3 hours! Some investment is definitely needed for this one!

Playmat: We finally decided and went ahead with Parklon’s A to Z bumper playmat. Many of our friends are using this and we liked the prints. Parklon have the nicest A to Z prints in my opinion. The husband is very strict about the prints that goes into our new place.. and of course it should be pretty for baby to see on a daily basis. Initially he rejected it because the other side of the mat was a dull looking plain sand colored mat but after much persuasion.. He gave in! :o) This mat burnt a hole in my pocket because I couldn’t find anyone who’s giving away theirs because it’s so good to use! Cost: SGD185 with delivery on most online sites

Are you ready for your first food Charley?
How about you? What have you bought to cater to your six months old needs? 🙂

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