Happy 15 months!

Charley turned 15 months and here is an artwork from her (I swear no help was given by me!)


She is quite capable of letting us know what she wants/ likes/ dislike. When she wants something, she starts pointing at that particular thing and refuses to go away till she gets it. Of course, she doesn’t always get what she wants. Especially when she starts throwing tantrums. She has also learnt to throw away her diapers into the dustbin and telling me that she’d just poo-poo. 


Her vocabulary is also growing stronger as we speak. She can now tell out which is a Dog, a Duck, a Car, a Bus, a Ball, Bird, TV, Fan, Aircon, shoes (that’s because she loves going out), Hairclip, Bread, Bag, Egg and half of the A-Z Parklon Playmat’s animals. She’s also catching words quite easily. The list goes on..and I believe one day she’s going to outsmart me with her words.


When she’s home alone with the Mama, she sticks on like a sticker to a stickerbook. I’ve tried ways to introduce her new toys/ toys, or whatever was baby safe to play with but it didn’t take her minutes to realise she’s playing alone. I guess it’s a girl’s thing. Boys are usually more adventurous when it comes to playing. She loves going out. Sometimes she even refuses to wait or hold our hands and start wobbling around like she’s looking for something! This little explorer is really growing up! 

Sleep time is still not as smooth as we’ve hope for it to be. In fact, every other day is quite an adventure when she wakes up crying and making noises in the middle of the night. Some days we try letting her cry it off, but some days her crying doesn’t stop till either me or the Papa goes in! It’s been quite a sticky situation for the last couple of days since she was down with the flu and cough.

For her diet, I’ve started slowly introducing soft rice for her dinner. I wish I could really let go and let her learn to self feed but the food always end up on the chair/ floor/ table/ hair/ face. Sigh. I know it’s time to let go on this part else she would never learn and I can’t possibly feed her forever. I shall focus on letting her feed her self for the next couple of months before she gets into any pre-school!


Is your 15 month old little girl doing the same as Charley? Share with me! 🙂

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