Happy 23 months!

I love you to the Moon and Back. Oh wait. Yes I love you very much. But there are days that you really drive me crazy. By crazy, I mean fuming hot and speechless, and sometimes forcing out inaudible laughters. 

Happy 23rd Month darling!


In another few weeks you will be 2 years old and these days, I have been getting a taste of what ‘Terrible Two’ entails. 

It must be a good thing in a positive way, because from the way you do it, I knew you’ve learnt a lot from us. There’s the good and the bad, but I hope that the good stays in you and the bad.. You can probably keep that for when you’re a teenager. 

You have been very vocal and expressive when you try to tell us things. Of course, there are days when you can’t seem to tell us exactly what you want and you get frustrated, on the brink of meltdowns. But this will get better I promise. I love it when you move your hands around in the air trying to repeat instructions back to me which I’ve given you. Of which you have added some spice to it in such manner: 

Me: ‘Charley let’s go shower okay?’

C replies, waving her hands around like a band conductor: ‘Go shower come back and watch Pocoyo okay?’ 

Yup, you won me on that one because you’re too cute. You could even string some sentences on your own now. Good job munchkins!

There are days where you’re full of ‘No!’, ‘Don’t want!’. Where did my little helper who was so willing to help me do chores go? Shower time? ‘No!’ Eat dinner? ‘Don’t want!’ Brush your teeth! *runs away*

But you get pretty fascinated with pretty much everything. You asked a lot, and I mean ALOT of ‘What is this?’ ‘Who’s that?’. Today you asked me what is that bank PIN number thing called and I just didn’t know exactly what it was called professionally. With things like that, I am feeling that you definitely need to get out there and learn from someone else who could inflate you with more knowledge.

You have learnt a lot on independence, and has been trying to explore doing more things on your own. You want to feed yourself more (if you’re up for it), successfully worn your own shorts a few times (even though some were worn backwards but I’m still very proud of your little achievement!), wearing your own shoes (although most days you gave up feeling frustrated), brush your own teeth, take off your diapers. You knew to wash different parts of your body as I name them when you were showering. You even want to read your own book by yourself! I guess we could try potty training and sleeping on your own bed soon? 

You want to cover your own blanket. You knew what belongs to who, which are my clothes and which belongs to Daddy and yourself. Which is amazing how you’ve silently observe us in ways I hadn’t notice!

Everything is by default in Pink colour. No matter how many different colored crayons I pull out of the box. They are always ‘pink’, but I knew you meant to say their actual colour. Sometimes you’re just trying to be funny by saying the wrong colour even though we have corrected you. We knew because your cheeky face says it all.


Sometimes you know how to take care of others. Like stuffing the pacifier back on your baby cousin. You can get quite adamant about him having his pacifier on all the time!  If I told you I am sad, you will give me a kiss. If I told you my bruise hurts and if you could ‘sayang mommy’, you would. I would love for these traits to follow you as you grow. 


I’m looking to see what else you have in store for us as you grow. Happy 23rd Months lady! 

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