Happy 3rd Birthday Charley!


Dear Charley,

Happy 3rd Birthday! Mommy & Daddy loves you to the moon and back.

We’ve spent most of last month going through your baby photos and letting you understand that you were once a little tiny bean and now you’re going to be a big sister. It has been quite a joy trying to tell you that those fatty baby pictures are indeed you when they really don’t look much like you. You smiled, giggled, got all funnily worked up when you denied they are you makes us laughed. Those countless videos of you doing silly things and trying to learn what the world is all about warms us up. I really don’t get sick of watching it over and over again. Just like how you could watch the same cartoons over and over again without any complains. 

You have became more assertive, giving us the indications of what you like and what you don’t. Your preferred taste in food, fashion, the way you want certain number of bands on your hair while I tie it, your order of how things should be placed around your corners and not forgetting the way you want your bed to be made. The last one really made us throw in the towel, especially after a long and trying day. Sometimes, to save myself from flaring up at you I’d actually make your bed for you before you get into the room. That way, you’re happy because everything is the way you want it and I don’t have to wait for you to do it as it takes forever. But you’ll still wake in the middle of the night crying because your blanket is not ‘nice nice’; I wanted to tell you that you were the one who tugged and pulled it while sleeping but I guess you can’t really put that picture together. 

I enjoyed the little conversations we have. How you’re grown to just baby cooing to keeping up a good conversation with me. Not forgetting how you rebutted me in ways I didn’t imagine it. I can tell you’re learning fast, and I can tell who you’ve learnt it from. 

You do have your naughty moments and I’m getting the bulk of your tantrums because I know you’re very comfortable with me. You’re showing me your real emotions and that’s what I want you to do, to be able to express yourself freely, even though it drives me nuts at times. Your constant ‘No’s!’ have evolved into ‘I don’t like you!’, ‘I don’t want to talk to you!’, ‘Sleep outside!’ amongst some of your better sentences but you’ll soon realise you don’t mean it anyway. Last month you learnt taking responsibilities for your actions. You explored drawing on our walls, not limiting to walls but also on chairs, dressing table and mattress. Daddy made you clean those up. Somehow I felt that you just wanted more attention from us. You can draw on walls…but only when you’ve decide to take up grafitti okay? 

Everyday I sneaked chances to snuggle more hugs and kisses from you because it felt like you’re outgrowing them soon. In the past you”ll insist me hugging you to sleep but these days you will tell me ‘I don’t want your hand!’. Right by me as well since I was having insomnia on most nights in this third trimester. 

I guess you are trying to come to terms that you’re going to be a big sister soon and I can tell by the way you behave around me. It is definitely a lot to take in and I understand. Thank you for learning, and being so understanding when we explain things to you. I cannot wait for you to meet your little brother and I hope that you’ll shower him with as much love as we have for you. 

May you always stay happy, healthy and full of curiosity. 

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