Happy Birthday to the Man of the House


On the same day last year, our dear daughter was unable to sing Papa a birthday song. This year, she sang two versions! In both english and mandarin! Exactly how many birthday celebrations they had in school that she was able to sing the mandarin version in full....I wonder

I guess nobody enjoys birthday celebrations more than Charley since she is mostly the one blowing out the candles! This year’s birthday was also much different as we’ve the company of our 3 month old 🙂

With two kids in tow and a studious pump schedule, it was difficult to head out so I’ve relied on LaborMe to run the cake errand for me. Previously the husband had used the app to order and deliver durians + some dinner, that was why I put my faith in that app that they will deliver my cakes on time.

What you need to do was to:

  1. Register an account
  2. Schedule your task and state how much you are willing to pay for the errand
  3. Fill in credit card details 
  4. Wait for someone to bid for the task

The app was really easy to use although I felt that the user interface can be further improved i.e. to have the ‘Message’ function more visible. I also didn’t like that after selecting my ‘tasker’, the errand was delegated to someone else. It came out that the person I’ve entrusted my task to was a ‘collaborator’ with good reviews. Well, I get my cakes anyway and they turn out fine so I’m not complaining! 

Absolutely love the cakes from Kki, they’re so pretty to look at and if there’s a chance I would definitely order Antoinette in a full cake!  

The peeps at Kki are so thoughtful to stick the sliced cake with a tape at the cake bottom to prevent it from sliding off from the delivery. Also, the boxes were pretty sturdy and it comes with a side compartment for an ice pack! So much for details. 

Happy Birthday again Bento! May you be always bask in our (me and the kiddos) antics to work those arteries of the heart. 

Ps. This is not a sponsored post.

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