Happy Eight Months Charleybaby!

It suddenly hit me that in another 4 months this little bean is turning 1 year old. How scarily fast is that?

Charley has not been an easy sleeper. Since young, she would love to fall asleep in our arms or against our chest. You know la, babies and heartbeat of an adult are an entity together. They sleep really well with that I’ll say! So in a turn of events, this little bean was made to go through a tedious sleep pattern the previous night. This new way of just patting her to sleep will be her transition of going to sleep on her own as she gets older. Obviously, last night she cried like a shipwreck. Sigh. Times like this I wished we started letting her sleep in her crib since day 1. We have been doing co-sleeping and even if I wanted to move her to her crib now I can’t, cause I’m in a moving-home phase myself. Our current room doesn’t have space to fit our existing crib so I’ll have to wait till our new place is ready before I get her to sleep on her own…. With me on the mattress next to her. So we will still co-sleep but on a separate bed. Hopefully she learns this new sleep pattern fast otherwise there will be titanic every night. Yesterday was day 2 and she fared slightly better.

As for her food repertoire, we have included fish daily. We have also tried celery, cauliflower, tofu, a little bit of bread and unsalted butter (she tasted and spit it out!) and now we’re going to try asparagus. I love my greens! Haha! Next up would be poultry items, kiwis and berries. Some say wait up for berries as babies can get allergy from those… But since the dad and mum doesn’t have allergies to those I’m assuming that she’s on the safe side. However, we have quite a fair bit of items to finish up so she may probably get to taste berries only when she’s close to nine months. Can’t wait for this little one to start eating on her own even though I had fun making food cubes! 😉

Charley has also started waving bye bye to familiar faces or anyone she fancies. She is also constantly clapping her hands from time to time. She smiles when she claps and you chant out ‘Clap your hands!’. Her first call out was to baa baa (Daddy in Chinese) and I can’t wait for Maa mee. Yup, definitely growing up too fast too furious!

So recently we have been busy meeting up with some of my friends before I start ‘losing friends and alienating people’. So dear friends reading this and if I haven’t call you up, please call me out for a short coffee session in the afternoon! 😛

What’s in store for is at mine months old? We’ll wait to find out!

Read about our Home Reno updates here.

20140403-162421.jpgHey Ma, just hangin’ at my new home’s corridor

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