Hello 14 months!

No, she’s not walking on her own yet. 

This little one has not taken to walking on her own yet. She cruises well, likes to be held to walk on one hand but has not taken up the courage to be on her own. The time will come, I told myself. That day will come when she no longer hold my hand..so why the hurry isn’t it? 


So at 14 months, this little one has been showing me a new side of her. The whole of last week ended with her constantly whining about something. She’s also showing favouritism to the Papa! How unfair isn’t it! She wakes everyday and run to the edge of the bed and calls out ‘Daddy’ first thing in the morning. No morning kisses and hugs for the Mama that’s right beside her. In fact, when we told her to call ‘Mommy’ and/or kiss Mommy, she just shakes her head and gives us a cheeky smile. She knows who’s Mommy and she points to me but refuses to call out to me. So much for making fun of me! 

Since day 1 I have been cooking her meals. We have currently upgraded to 3 meals and 4 milk feeds, 1 midnight feed on days when she is unable to go back to sleep on her own. On good days, she sleeps through the night. On bad days, she keeps me awake from the time she wakes to about 3-4am and wakes at 7am thereafter. There are days when we are out and I feed her table food. She’s definitely into trying new stuff because she just gobbles up whatever came up to her! I guess that’s a good thing! 


Whenever you think that the kiddos are so young and they are not learning, please think otherwise! These young guns are picking up things so fast you can hardly imagine. When Charley was barely 12 months, we went to ikea to get a set of stack up rings that works her coordination and mobile skills. Back then, she could hardly contain her attention at the rings to see what we were trying to teach. She just preferred to knock two rings together to create sounds (this is also a milestone!). But a month back, she suddenly sat in front of the rings and quietly stack them up by herself! Albeit not in the correct order..but who cares right! Now that’s an accomplishment. Just when you thought she’s learning so well, she’s also picking up things that I would have preferred her to otherwise! 

Unfortunately, this little girl preferred ‘W’ sitting when she’s on the floor. I read somewhere that it’s not a good sitting posture because it gives orthopaedic issues. I’ve been trying to correct her sitting posture and whenever I see her sitting in that manner, I will remind her to ‘sit properly’ and she will do as told. I’m so glad she’s learning well! 



Charley has also picked up ‘shaking her head’ to tell me ‘No’ for an answer. It seems that every single question I asked and her reply is ‘No’. So I stick on with her reply and if she replies me ‘No’ to drinking water or to continue with her milk, I would go with her wishes..which includes giving kisses because some things like affections should not be forced upon. I guess that’s how she’s going to learn that ‘No’ is for real. Haha!

With that, I am looking forward to 15 months old and it’s quirks. How time flies isn’t it? 



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  1. hehe, don’t worry, she can’t walk yet cos she’s working on speaking and holding that bowl and spoon really really well!! next up – walking and you’ll be busy chasing after her!

    1. Hehe, not worried at all! She’s taking quite a fair bit of steps by herself these few days! 🙂
      Thanks for your assurance nonetheless! 🙂

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