Hiring a confinement nanny (Part 2)

I can’t wait for confinement to be over.

That was the only thought on my head for that full month and I would be highlighting some hits and misses for that duration.

On most days, I fancied that I didn’t have to cook by myself. Especially the preparation of ingredients for cooking cause that actually takes the most time. However, the food were too oily and salty for our taste. I had prepared a menu, yes, I did allowed the CN room for improvement/imagination but I had almost the same type of dishes daily. The kitchen was also a huge mess and being a clean freak, it just wasn’t helping. We’d usually clean up again after the CN goes to sleep.

I let the CN sleep early knowing that she would have poorer sleeps and that she have to wake earlier. But as the baby sleeps beside me, most of the time I have to wake the CN up to change nappy etc. even though she was sleeping by the side in the same room. 

We still do the laundry on our own. The husband and Charley did most of them and I followed through towards the end of the month. I guess it was because it was mostly our clothes not just my clothes, which was why the husband does it instead. Well, I think the husband and our daughter had some bonding time while doing so.

I did wonder if they were properly trained as I had to guide the CN on getting the right temperature for formula milk, washing the bottles clean of that oily feeling and cleaning up dirty bums. I shall not go into details. I gave myself a break and I chose not to watch how the baby was showered.

I do remember one particular incident when the baby was crying his lungs out – with my cousin, Charley, baby, CN and me in the room, the CN raised her voice while talking to the baby and that volume matches the volume of the cries. It was deafening on my ears that I had to tell the CN to lower her voice instead. I see no point in speaking so loudly to that extent with a baby. All you have to do is to get things done quickly to carry him up.

I had this post written up for a few months now and I deliberated in posting because it serves as a reminder. I heard the CN had also wanted to leave a few days into the job as she finds that it was hard to deal with my mood swings. But if she was experienced enough she should have known better about postnatal hormones. Knowing myself, I did spent some time explaining to her to have more patient when the monstrous side of me emerges. I guess I had a very assuring time with my firstborn confinement done by my own mom that I was subconsciously comparing. Honestly, no one would have done it better than my mom who had taken care of dozens of babies before. Maybe, just maybe, if there was a next time, we would be better off doing face to face interviews. 

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