Is it time for school?

Each time I look at Charley, she seems to grow a little bit more than yesterday. It is a joy watching her grow. Although I cannot deny it can become a chore trying to make her go to bed these days. I guess that’s the start of the terrible twos, where cute little babies turn into cookie monsters. 

I’m hoping it gets easy for me when the time really comes. We are currently 4 months to 2 years old! 

Happy 20 months old munchkin! 

Bah! she can’t talk right now. She’s got an important business call…as you can tell!

Early this month, we got in and out of pre-school in the same week! Thereafter, I have been in the active role of homeschooling till she’s slightly older before putting her in again. We have previously enrolled her in a local preschool in March (She was 18 months). But after the 3rd trial day, I have decided to pull her out due to these reasons:

  1. Lessons were not very organized, it seems that the day was planned to the teacher’s mood accordingly. ‘Today I feel like what and we’ll do what.’ ‘Ah, I don’t feel like singing this song today so we will skip that!’ 
  2. Almost every kid in that room were bawling their eyes out. The only ones that didn’t was the mere one who had stay in from infant stage. Some kids were left to cry-it-out at their ‘favorite corners’ (as told to me by the teachers) till they settled and soothe themselves into not crying. And, shower time reminds me of a butcher scene from a horror movie. 
  3. I had to ‘stand-in’ for awhile unknowingly because they were short of one staff as I’ve overheard. It happened because children kept coming to me and not paying attention to what the teachers were doing, and I wasn’t even doing anything.
  4. The teachers did not try to warm up Charley to the environment. They did not try to speak much, interact, mingle with her and if that’s the case, I don’t know how they will do that when I leave her there on her own. Many parents will tell me that the teachers are unable to do so because I’m there. But my logic is, if they cannot do so when I’m there then they probably cannot do so when I’m gone!
  5. There’s this little girl who was pushing Charley all over and the children in the class were all above 2 years old, much more beefy and stronger. How is my skinny little monster going to fend for herself? (Ok – protective parents I admit)

I was there during the trial days and when I see what was being ‘taught’ in class, I figured I could replicate that if I were to teach at home. The only difference would be:

  1. Having to listen to a teacher in a class teaches the child to listen and to follow instructions.
  2. Mixing around with other children around her age teaches her social skills and interactions, including learning to care and share (sharing actually only comes in around 3 I’ve heard)

It didn’t sit with me that we came in late and when I asked if breakfast was still given, the teacher gave me a straight eye and says that breakfast ends at 8.45am. We reached at about 8.50am because we were trying to get ready and she slept slightly later that day even though she usually wakes around 7.00am – 7.30am. In my opinion, I just thought they didn’t have to be strict with that timing to a new kid who is trying to get used to the new environment. Luckily, I brought bread with me and we sat by a corner to let her finish up before she ‘tries’ to join in the rest in their activities. Imagine if I was working and I had to rush her to school and she goes on an empty stomach till lunch! Hmpt!

Of course, you get what you pay for. Same for products and services imho. Pre-schoolers basically goes in to follow a routine. It is more of trying to fix a proper routine for the kid to get used to than a learning day. It’s still considered learning I suppose, learning to listen to instructions. The routine would be in the manner of – reaching school, breakfast, activity (sing-a-longs etc), outdoor (usually holds to a hoop-rope and walk around the neighborhood), lunch, wash-up, nap, quick activity, snack and waiting to be fetch home about 5pm. So you can tell that after nap, there really isn’t anything else planned for the day. Most parents put their children to school at a tender age because they had to go back to work. But if everything works out for you, I would recommend putting your child in when they are slightly older (2 – 2.5yo) because I personally feel that parents are definitely quipped with the right skills and knowledge to guide their kids. 

I’m not condemning going to a preschool (neighborhood or private, regardless), because what didn’t work for me may work for other parents. So, I would just like to highlight that, do always know how/what the school conducts to know what your child is going through the day. Know the teachers and what do they do. Observe. Observe. Observe. I cannot emphasize this enough. – best advice ever 

Needless to say, a no-school-day makes her a happy gal for now!

I’ve spoken with a principal-friend from a montessori school previously and I’ve picked up some tips on how to guide your child better from home! Stay tune to the next post to find out more!

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