Its a good food day!

My dearest cousin must have heard bean’s calling. She didn’t forget about our date and she wasn’t late (this time it’s me instead). And well..bean’s calling was good food. Good food in my opinion, is not just about expensive food. It’s about the person I’m eating with. We could be eating at the shabbiest joint anywhere but the companion matters.


Like I was telling my cousin that I would rather eat alone than having to ‘entertain’ an eating partner that I’m not comfortable with. I dislike trying to build conversations just for the sake of filling in the awkwardness in the air. But of course, when I was younger..I do have an issue about eating alone. Back then, eating alone makes me feel a should I put it, awkward? Loser-ish?  I used to think that people are staring at me. But now, even if they were really staring at me, I guess I can’t be bothered. Signs of growing old? Doesnt matter. We all grow old.

Dinner was at a familiar joint at Novena with the husband. Felt a little cheated ordering the new set from the new menu but..this too shall pass.



The back of my knees kinda hurt quite a fair bit these days due to the weight I’m adding up. I can bear the pain but please don’t let those varicose veins pop!

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