Le Update at 11 weeks.

Last night, I have this witty something in my mind to blog about for today. I kept it fresh in my head, thinking that it would be fresh for writing in the morning. Alas, I woke up and it seemed like I lost that bit of memory. So my dear readers..that witty something will come back when it’s happy I guess!

I’ve spent this week finishing up some library books and scaring myself silly with those pregnancy to-dos when your water breaks. I’m at 11 weeks now and I feel that I should start educating myself with pregnancy skills. Wrong move. I officially jellied my legs and have to soothe myself with kiss92fm. Those nsync and BSB music…oooh sexy.

I guess bean loves them too 😉

Had a celebratory birthday dinner for a close friend who recently turned 30 and we know we can never lived with not betting about the gender of bean. I told them my guess and le friends start taking sides. Well, the loser would have to treat everyone a meal at this new swanky steamboat at Clarke Quay that requires a good 6 months booking! Damn am I excited for this meal 🙂

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  1. i heard abt kiss 92. n reviews were good, i didnt tink they will wrk back then…bt i guess i m wrong,ahahaha BUT i heard, some1 we noe is marketing this FM channel. i hope it wun turn u off. lol. i m gona try to tune in to Kiss soon!

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