Let’s boogie tonight?

Poor baby. Charley was being whiny and fussy, constantly wanted to be held to sleep (okay maybe our fault for carrying her too much during confinement but who could resist isn’t it?) and snorting. Wait a minute, snorting? My poor baby was having a bout of nose blocked and she’s not having it easy.

Charley has been finding it tough to breathe recently. Initially I shrug bit off (Not being irresponsible since I was monitoring her) because babies usually sneeze and the booger comes out. Not this one apparently. This episode happened on a rainy Sunday. It was cold and baby’s nose decided to have a life of its own. The booger was probably so cooled down that it became so sticky and even though we could see it from the outside, it was actually way deeper. We went to a GP since it was a Sunday as the PD was closed. The prescription was given and we bought an equipment to suck the world out of her nose but it didn’t work. As Charley’s nostrils were really tiny, we didn’t want to try to dig out the dirt with a cotton bud only to have the bud stuck inside. With that, we went to the PD the following day since I was also due for a overall checkup. Dr. Ratna’s immediate rescue was to dig out the dirt on the spot. Maybe her magnifying scope makes it all easier but she actually did it with a cotton bud! And oh my, whose booger was that?!

I don’t have a photo of it (I was busy pinning the crying baby down) but I swear that one belongs to an adult. Haha! With that, we went home with a nasal saline spray and a happy baby.

Paying for the doc to dig the nose out sounds really funny when I type it out in words but well, anything for a happy baby. It was quite crazy because baby was finding it so hard to get air in that she woke herself up and started crying really badly.. You definitely wouldn’t want that in the middle of the night. Of course, my current job scope aside to taking care of baby will also include learning to dig her tiny nose. Maybe one day I will become a professional nose digger. Okay not funny. But anything for you my little one.

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