Little Charley.

If you haven’t already knew by now, we have a new addition to our family!

Little Ms. Charley!


It’s pronounced as ‘Shar-lee’ btw. I know the name is not very gender specific but that’s the way we like it. Currently we are trying to fix up her chinese name. Initially we didn’t think about going to a master to calculate the suitability of her name based on her bazi. But since we have went for a horoscopic caesarean.. We might as well go for everything isn’t it? After all, laying out her ‘life’ with all the complementary elements in her name is just a small thing, the big things are the ones she’s going to create on her own ability. Thanks to Master Lee (you can find out more about him here). He has been really nice to come all the way to my place to explain to me and hubs on the selection of names because I was unable to go around due to my wound. Master Lee was also the one who calculated the time and date for the delivery. Unlike others, he doesn’t charge any fee should your delivery not fall within the time/date he has given to you.

These days we have been trying to learn her cues and cope with her needs. But of course, as with most babies, she naps quite a fair bit and can get really unsettled at times when she’s not getting enough from her feeds. She will then proceed to show off her awesome cutie pie face of pekchekness:


It’s the start of a brand new life chapter together for the three of us and I can’t wait to share about every single thing in relation to my little heartbreaker. Mummy and Daddy loves you Charley! <3

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