My caesarean experience at Mount Elizabeth Novena


Our baby boy was delivered in the wee hours of 1st Sept! Hello everyone, my name is Keisen 

I had my previous baby at Gleneagles and between these two, I much prefer Mount Elizabeth Novena (MENH). We deliver the baby at MENH as our gynae Dr Choo WL shifted her practice to Novena just before my second term. We are glad she did as traveling time will be cut by almost 15mins for us living in the North.

Comparatively, MENH was more accessible with various routes to choose from in the event of a traffic jam. The hospital also provided 1 complimentary carpark coupon for 1 carplate for the entire stay. While these are small gestures of the hospital (most likely already factored into the overall cost), it was still good to have. On the other hand, Gleneagles have a congested driveway to the lobby. They have a service attendant to direct traffic but the bottleneck is still heavy. The carpark was also relatively smaller. Right now, there is a major construction taking place right in front of the hospital for the new MRT line.


We were brought to the maternity ward upon checking in to the hospital in the middle of the night. Pre-admission was done during our last gynae appointment as the waiting time could take up to 40 mins and we would like to minimize that. One thing about checking in after midnight was low waiting time – which I really like!

There is wifi in the room. HBO, Star Movies, a Chinese movie channel, local broadcast channels. The first round of mini bar is complimentary and the service butler changes the water flask daily. The food tasted okay – please request for the confinement menu if the order menu on then iPad does not display the option.

The much raved about Crabtree and Evelyn set. But you probably don’t want to get off the bed for this post surgery.

We were the first to use the operating theatre that day and as it was really early, the waiting bay was lightly dimmed and everyone was out for their morning briefing. Soon after, a nurse came to check on me followed by a very gentle anaesthetist assistant (Eric) who came to sort out some paperwork. I was given warm blankets to cover and that really helped me calmed down quite a bit. In your own waiting bay, there was also a sign saying you could play some music or request for warm blankets! I played some music…after all, no one else was there to judge my choice of playlist! 

The scenario changes after you enter the door. There is restroom here so you can go for some last minute relieve.

That’s me in my gown and outerwear. Look how dark it was outside!  

That’s Dr. Png and the very gentle assistant Eric.

I am really liking how Mount E Novena operating theatre was. Instead of the usual ‘sterilized feel’ you get from most hospitals, MENH operating theatre was on contrast – pretty warm and cozy. The surgical bed was warm. The walls are blue and there was a built-in TV which was playing some funky background music on a YouTube playlist. Before I knew it, my gynae arrived, checked on me and after some small talk with Dr. Png, I drifted into sleep.

Baby Keisen in the cot. Doesn’t the surroundings remind you of Doctors (Korean Drama)?

I remembered I was being pushed into the lift as I was slowly regaining consciousness. The first day was not as bad as I recalled, but as the anaesthesia wore off…I really wanted to curse the house down. On the second day the nurses came by slightly later for the meds round and I couldn’t even bring myself to walk to the toilet. Urinating after the removal of a catheter was not pleasant either. 

What I really wanted to commend was how some of the nurses really helped me through my last two night’s stay. Nurse Mohana who came to my rescue in the day when I was dealing with breast engorgment and a super sleepy baby who prefers sleep to milk. I wondered how many times I had comm-ed  for the nurses that night. There was another nurse who has been most patient with me. She took care of my night engorgement and assisted me with all the remedies she could possibly think of. As my stay lapse over the weekend and the lactation consultant was not working, I went for the breast engorgement massage provided by Beauty & Mums which was located downstairs out of desperation. Wrong move, that didn’t work for me and made me even more engorged that I was crying demanding for my baby to come for his next feed. My advice – stay over on weekdays when the LC works. Or save those money and engage the LC to attend to you and you only for that hour over the weekend. Boy was I glad to work out the breast engorgement issues before I discharge from the hospital.

I had wanted to share about my experience at this hospital because prior this, I have read scary posts about this hospital online and I really wanted to share what I went through. As with all hospitals, there will be good and lousy nurses and I have been really lucky to meet some of the good ones. I have also been blessed with the assistance and advice of LC Yasa who is very experience and has a really sense of humour. She has made the beginning of this breastfeeding journey less stressful. However, discharging from the hospital took quite a long to process. Firstly, it was a weekend and the manpower was low; the administrative side said they will call us when the invoice was ready but we found out that the phone line was not connected. Secondly, the pharmacy was closed for the day and we couldn’t do any last minute shopping while waiting. Lastly, there were some discrepancies in the bill which was spotted by the hubs. Quick note – Do always double check what you’re paying for. 

Bye bye! I’m out of here!

Overall, I am satisfied with the stay at MENH and I hope that you will meet with the same nice nurses who attended to me. With that, I am a week post-pregnancy, lost about 7 kg till date and I am having a love/hate relationship with confinement.

Got a question for me? Email/Comment and I will get back to you!

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