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My cousin always told me that if there was an opening for a job position as an ‘online personal shopper’, that would be my calling. I have no qualms about that, except that most moms like myself would have very well fitted into that position too. With 1 kid, I could easily go to the supermarket or the malls to get what I needed. With 2 – a running toddler and a going 6-month old infant, I take my shopping online very seriously.  

It is still possible to get a pack of wetwipes or a few grocery items if I had baby 2 on the stroller while having my hands on the older one. But I can assure you that I will be totally drained by the next 2 hours. Getting to the destination is 1 thing, coming back is another. Shopping can be quite a pain when your toddler wants to see what she likes and your baby screams attention. Lugging back our shopping bags and my own diaper bag (with pumps, thermos, bottles, milk powder, diaper and the list goes on)…I don’t even want to think about it.

SO, I am very excited to share about which I’ve done some shopping at recently! Toddle is an online shopping destination for young parents who are looking to shop for the best brands out there, but dread the hassle of choosing from an overwhelming selection of products. 

I ordered my items on Friday late noon and it arrived on Tuesday! Of course…if you want it earlier, please order it on weekdays instead of over a weekend. 

So what did we get? 

I had very much wanted to get some big ticket items but I’ve spent it all on my children again. Those Jujube, 360 Ergobaby (I have one Ergo but it is not able to switch to hip and front facing ), Beaba and baby monitors are what I’m lusting after but after dividing the spending on my kids, I got a stroller organizer for myself my baby. Oh well. I guess I made my kids very happy!

Charley has fallen in love with Hello Kitty. She refuses to acknowledge that this kitty doesn’t have a mouth. She says that the nose is the mouth!  She’s been waiting so patiently for her present to arrive and every night she says ‘Mommy, my Hello Kitty luggage is coming soon right?’

Now, I don’t care if you like your presents but Mommy thinks they’re good for your development! 

I really liked shopping on They have a wide variety of brands to choose from and yet the site is very well organized. You can easily search for the item you want, by designers and by category. The description on the products are also very informative. The team included the buyer’s guide and video reviews where applicable to assist parents in making their buying decision. If all else fails, you can also chat with them via Toddle Support, yes – that blue helpdesk that pops out at the right corner.

Toddle 2

Like a true-blue shopaholic, I also fancy that they have the Toddle Rewards Program! You can earn points while you spend, review or refer a friend. You even get 200 points on your birthday! Excuse me while I add on more things to my wishlist…

I spent 3 nights deciding on what items I wanted to get but I spent less than 5 minutes to check out! If you are a new shopper, you can simply

  1. Cart your items and check out. It will bring you to a page where you can fill in your particulars, select your preferred shipping and payment method.
  2. Register when you first enter the website. Registration is easy and you can always update your shipping address when you checkout later on.

You know that the items they put on site are specially chosen for your little one when they have devised such a cute abbreviation (S H I N E) for products evaluation before they put them up on site. 

Thank you for gifting us! It was an awesome shopping experience that made my heart fluttered. But I’d love if some of the popular items could be replenish soon!

Here’s a promo code for all you readers, quote ‘littlepocketsfull15‘ to enjoy 15% OFF for order above SGD100 (excluding BOBA, SPECTRA & BABYZEN). Free delivery for any orders above SGD70. Wait no more, the promotion is valid till 10 March 2017.

Please note the T&C to the promocode:

1. Each customer is only entitled to one usage
2. Code can not be used simultaneously with another promo code
3. Brands exclude Boba, Spectra, Babyzen
4. Code is not applicable for items that are already on sale.
5. Valid for two weeks from the date of blog post

Follow on their Facebook or Instagram for more updates. Shop away!

Disclaimer: I have received products from for a sponsored review in this post. No monetary payment was received. All content and opinions expressed here represent my own and are honest based on my own personal experience. 

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