My purchase at Le Petit Society

The other day I was hoping to win the voucher giveaway from Le Petit Society but booya, I didn’t get it! Congrats to the lucky winner. Also, I was a little upset not being able to take advantage of the little sale they have extended to their shoppers over the Christmas period since I’ve already done my purchases.. But this shall pass because I like shopping at their site!

So my parcel arrived at my doorstep:


The parcel was wrapped in this bubble wrap that protects the nice little box from scratches:



And when I opened the box, everything was so neatly laid out in the colorful box. Just looking at the box brightens up my day! (But of course I can’t just look at the box the whole day.. It’s not like an adrenaline fix.. Haha)




I would have reviewed my shopping experience sooner but I needed to do an exchange in sizing. The spaghetti bodysuits I’ve ordered looks a little too small for Charley. Seems like this piece runs a little small in sizing because I’ve purchased a ‘6M’ size meant for a 6 months old baby when Charley was only 4 months old. Nope, my little girl was growing by the charts so she’s not oversize! I must say that the customer service was pretty awesome at LPS! The guys did an exchange for me and gave me advices to get a slightly larger sizing so baby would be able to don the piece! On top of that, they allowed me to mail back to their Singapore address so I could save on the shipping cost! How nice of them isn’t it?

Usually I’ll just get really lazy to do mail backs because international shipping can get a little crazy (and I’m lazy!) but not this case! I’m definitely keen to shop again with these guys if something fancy catches my eye. 🙂

Here’s Charley looking happy in her top:




PS. This is a non sponsored ad. I’ve made the purchases on my own and my reviews are truly based on a personal experience.

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