My shaped up tummy.

On some mornings, bean makes the day by planting a wide smile in my face. She really didn’t have to do much. All she did was to ‘curl’ up in my tummy. Maybe it’s me who indirectly forced her to curl like that by sleeping on my sides and rotating every few hours (now you can guess how little sleep I get daily). But when I wake and see that my tummy has become so….compact. I really have to give it to her. She’s like showing me how good a contortionist she has became as she grows by the day.

Needless to say, I always rub my tummy and make her go into a more comfortable position. Afterall, my comfort level is a direct relationship to how comfortable she actually is. These days, aside to feeling the kicks, I can actually feel her swimming in a 360 degrees circle. Imagine that! The weight is also increasing and the tummy is growing at a boom town rate. I have also became increasingly cautious of the people I walk beside, behind or infront of on pavements and especially on trains. You never know when someone is gonna step on your shoes or elbow you. Better to be safe than sorry!

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