My take on GAIA Natural Baby Skincare Products (Review and Promocode)


My knowledge of using organic products for our firstborn 3 years ago was limited. Back then, using organic did not came across our mind but as long as the product is safe to use, it would be one of the options for us. However, over the years of caring for our little one, using organic products (not just for the little one but for the entire household) became a priority when we learnt more about how much harmful chemicals we are absorbing into our system. Not only through products, we would definitely try to go for organic produce whenever we could afford.

So you can imagine how elated I am to be gifted with GAIA Natural Baby Organic Skincare products to try out for our little one(s)! Did you know that Australian made GAIA Baby was founded by Australian Mom Michelle when she couldn’t find a suitable skincare for her 8 weeks old baby who had developed eczema? You can read more about her story here. Even though our firstborn was not diagnose with eczema, I would say she have a rather sensitive skin. A little warm and she gets rashes and boy does she hate the heat! The husband, on the other hand has a bit of eczema prone skin, I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed that our newborn will inherit my skin type! 

I am blown away by the collection they have on site!

For babies and children, we are always on the hunt of products that are friendly, free from petrochemicals and non-drying on their skin. As such, I am very happy to learn that GAIA products are free from:

    • artificial fragrance
    • petrochemicals and mineral oils
    • lanolin and phthalates 
    • soap, sulphates and other drying agents in our cleansers
    • paraben preservatives and propylene glycol
    • and other commonly used ingredients that can be irritating or drying to skin

I’m a scent magnet. Our restroom have been smelling great ever since Charley started using her new shower products and I am very assured that she’s in good hands as the bath is made from pure essential oils which are Australian Certified Organic. I’ve tried and tested the products not only on her, but also on myself to find that they are indeed non-drying. GAIA products are also winners of multiple prestigious awards – you can be sure that they are vouched for, tried and tested by these publications/ sites as well! 

She loves the orange bottle and she is requesting it every time she takes a bath. How I wish I have my own bathtub too!

These two are my fave if I really have to choose! But I’m also loving the talc free pure cornstarch powder and baby moisturiser. I can’t wait to try out the massage oil on our newborn! The labels at the back of the bottle states clearly what type of ingredients are used, they even highlighted what harmful ingredients they are free from. 

The only thing I didn’t fancy about the 250ml bottles was it didn’t come with a bottle pump. But when I went on site to see what other products they have…I found that I could easily purchase the pump at an additional SGD3! I definitely need this one. Charley loves to press the shower products on her own and I don’t want to waste these goodies! A little pump goes a long way so even with the cost, the quantity could definitely last us for quite sometime.

The other day I came across an article on making my own talc free baby powder where cornstarch was used as an alternative ingredient. Yes I know what’s on your mind, cornstarch…not used for cooking meh? But in fact, cornstarch is a key ingredient here which helps to absorb excess moisture that keeps the baby nappy area fresh and dry. Accustomed to the smooth texture feeling of previous baby powders, you might feel a little awkward with the texture of talc free cornstarch powders if you decided to change the range..but as I get to use it longer, I’m actually loving it! The husband actually said that he preferred this type of texture all along. Need to stock this one up for sure!

For the expecting Mommas, you can go for their Belly Butter and Belly Oil. When I went into third trimester, I am so tired everyday that I can hardly be bothered to slap on my stretch marks cream and oils I’ve gotten from other brands. And the lovely ladies seem to know just what I needed! A Belly Oil with a pump! I am highly recommending this one if you intend to get something to prevent the stretch marks of pregnancy. It is just too convenient, I just need to spray it on areas which they recommended or which I feel are expanding and smooth it out. With other creams and oils, I always felt like a marinated meat in this gruelling weather, but this range works pretty well for me. 🙂

GAIA Natural Baby Skincare is available islandwide or you could get them directly on the website (more range to select for the entire family plus free local shipping for orders above $100). They have men’s products too! You can get a few bottles to pamper the papa-to-be! I am definitely an online shopper! I can earn reward points through the GAIA Online Loyalty Program and use these points to offset future purchases or even to redeem their products for free! Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

 Check out the other skincare range for the ladies. These travel size packs will definitely be handy when we admit for delivery.

Now, for all you lucky readers who read till the very end…

Enjoy 10% off on GAIA and receive a Creamy Cleanser (125ml) for ladies worth $22.90, when you purchase $80 and above! If you’re getting something for baby, this would be lovely as you will receive a free gift for yourself! Promo is valid from now till 14 Oct with promo code LPF10

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Disclaimer: I have received GAIA products  for a sponsored review in the post. No monetary payment was received. All content and opinions expressed here represent my own and are honest based on my own personal experience. 

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