Naming Bean.

These past few weeks we have been trying to decide on a name for bean, both English and Chinese. You may assume that the English name was the easy part but no, apparently we have kind of settled for a chinese name but the english one was quite meh.

Initially we have got one in mind…just that very special only name that we both liked. But I’m having second thoughts because of the last name that goes along with it and that my mum probably can’t pronounce it. There’s still a good chance we may use it anyway…but we’re sitting on it now and shortlisting some others before we conclude. I don’t want my babygirl to go through the process of having nicknames everywhere she go. But, even a proper name like mine could have nicknames let alone this one we have for her right? That said, bean’s name will still be kept a secret till the full name is ready.

I can’t wait to settle on the name because that’s when I can communicate with bean directly and letting her get used to her own name before she pops. Ahh..The love of a mother.

These few days I’ve also been going around asking friends and relatives if they went to a fortune teller to get their baby’s name calculated for good luck and fortune. In case you didn’t know, most Chinese gives the birth date and time to a fortune teller to get the chinese names. This is to ensure that their kid lives well and prosper in their life in no matter what they do. I asked the hubs but he didn’t think it matters.. I’m on the same side of the fence with a good 80%. My chinese name was not calculated by any fortune tellers but by my dad himself..and to this date, I believed that your life is based on what you achieve on your own and not what your name brings you. I hope in the few posts after I will have bean’s name ready to announce to the world. Bento’s relative has already got their girl an english name and their EDD is the same month as me!

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