Packing for Bean.

I’m sure as first time parents like us you’ll want to bring every single thing you’ve bought for the little one. It’s the same for us. With every item we packed, it’s like ‘hey, let’s bring another one..let’s take this too..let’s bring more, we can choose later…more variety!’ And then the bag gets heavier. The husband always say that it doesn’t matter cause he’s the one carrying it. (Of course I can’t be the one carrying it, I’m already carrying a 3kg bundle of joy isn’t it!?) Though I’d like to think that way, this time round I’ll like to steer to the more practical side where possible. Let’s do this before I change my mind..haha!

Before we go on, I thought I’ll just spam you with my face. Yes, today we went to have our final baby checkup with Dr Choo at Gleneagles (town!) with no makeup and my semi permanent dark eye circles. Bean is at a good weight of 3kg even with my last few binges of ice cream. Guilty as charged!


So the last post was about what I have in my hospital bag, here’s what we’re going to have for Bean!

1. Bean’s homecoming outfit – I’m bringing a bodysuit and a all-in-one romper. Accompanied by scratch mitts, socks and a hat/beanie for the bodysuit. The reason why I’m bring two different ones because the bodysuit is slightly smaller in size. We won’t know how big Bean is going to be and we definitely would prefer her not to be swallowed by her clothes. She’s a girl you know! 😀

2. Swaddle – the receiving blanket that we are going to wrap this little one into a space ball. Initially we’ve only bought 3 pieces..and then there was another 3 more, and before you know it, we have about 10 – 12 pieces! The last batch came in together with some Noise CD that the hubs bought from Amazon. I didn’t even knew that this was coming. I’m bringing a slightly thicker one with a thinnerone, depending on the weather. Since we have also bought a woombie, I’m bringing one woombie because that makes the baby feel like she’s still nicely tuck in the womb! Ahhh, alot of warmth!


Photo courtesy of Woombie

Too cute!

3. Diapers – I’m not sure if the hospital provides? Or if they charges per pack from usage. Since I’m already bringing my own sanitary napkins, I’ll just bring along one pack for Bean. Well, we can always bring this back or store as backup in the car boot.. Meanwhile, this goes into the handcarry on my list.

4. Wetwipes – already in my bag!

5. Car Seat – if you own a car it’s a must have!

Bean’s bag is so compact compared to mine! Remember to packonly the essentials, if you realize that you’ve miss out anything, you can always send your husband home to grab it before both mother and baby discharge from the hospital!

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