Is it time for school?

Each time I look at Charley, she seems to grow a little bit more than yesterday. It is a joy watching her grow. Although I cannot deny it can become a chore trying to make her go to bed these days. I guess that’s the start of the terrible twos, where cute little babies turn into cookie monsters.  I’m hoping it gets easy for me when the time really comes. We are currently 4 months to 2 years old!  Happy 20 months […]

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The Top 3 Pests at Home

I know it has been a long while since I write. I have taken some time off to have more time to myself and kiddo. Today I am going to write about the TOP 3 PESTS AT HOME. They irked me so much that I have dedicated this post just to write about them!  We have shifted into our new place in the north about 8 months ago. Yes, only a mere 8 months and I have a list of […]

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Little Suite for C!


Whenever I go out shopping with Charley, I am always swooned over by how cute those little girls clothes are. This, that, trust me, I want to get every piece of what I’ve seen that sometimes I ended up buying something forgetting how these material affects my little girl when she wears them. Take for instance, I’ve bought this really awesome jeans looking shorts from X brand, but they are too thick and the material is rather coarse (not forgetting […]

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Happy 15 months!

Charley turned 15 months and here is an artwork from her (I swear no help was given by me!)   She is quite capable of letting us know what she wants/ likes/ dislike. When she wants something, she starts pointing at that particular thing and refuses to go away till she gets it. Of course, she doesn’t always get what she wants. Especially when she starts throwing tantrums. She has also learnt to throw away her diapers into the dustbin […]

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Baby photoshoot with FLASH by Morffew


I’ve been waiting forever to do this. Yes, it’s constantly on my mind but I always sat on it. So one Saturday, while shopping with my brother’s family and my mum, I went ahead to do it while waiting for them to be finished with their Babyspa! We had a baby photoshoot with FLASH by Morffew! Okay, I actually meant that Charley had a quick photoshoot done at Westgate, by FLASH by Morffew. It’s not your usual photoshoot studio, it is […]

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Hello 14 months!

No, she’s not walking on her own yet.  This little one has not taken to walking on her own yet. She cruises well, likes to be held to walk on one hand but has not taken up the courage to be on her own. The time will come, I told myself. That day will come when she no longer hold my why the hurry isn’t it?  So at 14 months, this little one has been showing me a new […]

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Recipe: Hershey’s Brownies


Before we plunge right into the recipe or my verdict of this yummy brownie – Hello kellykylie! Welcome on board 🙂 So on Thursday a friend (monmon) came by and spent her day with us (Me and Charley) baking brownies. It was actually our first time baking together and we’ve decided to go for something easy, fuss-free, quick and definitely yummy without needing a stand mixer. It was quite a last minute plan and after a few clicks on the net, […]

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Hello, officially.

This 1st post is way overdue! Before you start to form (bad) first impressions of me or get all judgey-eyed, let me remind you that I am a mother of two and of which, one is in his terrible twos.. Need I say more? But whatever my excuse is, it will always be a lousy excuse because, let’s face it, a mother doesn’t get rest days and yet we always find the time to complete everything that is expected of […]

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It has been quite sometime that I’ve been blogging on my own and it got me thinking how I’d want this blog to develop. I may not have millions of readers and followers but I would definitely want my blog to help/assist other new mums wherever possible. Or to simply vent a little…when the mood calls for it! There will be some exciting changes and one of it is having a new contributor to the blog!  I would like to […]

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Recipe: Mac & Cheese (The Easy Way)


I have been finding easy to cook recipes mostly because my day is usually quite pressed for time. So the other day, I went on to cook Mac & Cheese for the kiddo. Our nearest supermarket was on renovation so I had to make do with what the smaller Marts were offering. Here is the recipe I went with but adapted along the way by omitting salt and included super vegetables. I purposely added in a fair bit of vegetables […]

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