Recipe: Buttered French Toast (The Easy Way)



Before you read on, I just want to announce that I’m a noob cook.

I have been trying to vary the tastes and textures of Charley’s food recently. Just the other day I woke up a little earlier trying out baked sweet potato sticks for breakfast and I think she loves it. She finished most of it and got too full for her milk feed after.

Thus, in my attempt to search for easy breakfast options, I vividly remember the heavenly aroma of ‘fried bread dipped in egg’ that fills the living room when I was little. I didn’t know what they were called when I was young so I often just referred that breakfast item to ‘fried bread dipped in egg’. Back then, mum didn’t made it pretty, she just made it taste good. So whenever the bread came out on the table, the egg was all over the bread. Sounds pretty much like a bad romance. Haha! Tasty nonetheless.

Now that I’m a mother myself, I am trying out different ways to make breakfast more fun for the little one. That said, I’m allowing her to self-feed herself more often for breakfast and lunch, while dinner would be done by me as it would usually be porridge. Sometimes I do give her a little porridge in her own bowl for pretend-play as she likes to pretend to feed me at the same time. Mornings are the best for self-feeding since she would be taking a shower soon after.

So, I went to google ‘Easy french toast recipe for baby’ and I’ve settled on this. I’ve omitted quite a fair bit of from this recipe and made it really simple and easy. Who knows if Charley would want to try to feed herself today right? If she doesn’t, those awesome, healthy food would just end up on the floor. So here’s my easy recipe for this morning:


1. Beat the egg with 1 tsp of fresh milk in a shallow bowl.

2. Trim off the sides of the bread and cut it into strips.

3. Dip (2) into (1). Coat all sides. I use the fork to gently press into the strips to make it absorb the batter better.

4. Warm the frying pan and add in the unsalted butter. When the butter is warmed and melted, add in (3) and fry till it’s golden brown on both sides.IMG_3687

Verdict: The toast sticks came out pretty and the taste was quite mild. Could definitely add on some maple syrup for a dip or sorts. Looking forward to trying cinnamon and banana the next time!

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