Review on Ergobaby carrier

It’s been awhile since my last review and since Charley is sleeping and I’m not sleepy I thought I’ll just find some time to write about my experience with Ergobaby carrier for the past 2 months plus.

Here’s me, Charley and our Ergobaby:
Thanks to some Mothercare vouchers given by the husband’s colleagues at the office, we went to get a baby carrier for ease of bringing Charley out and about. We’ve previously read up about carriers and we didn’t want to get Bjornbaby because there are online articles saying that their products are not good for baby’s legs development. It’s something about the way/angle that their legs are seated while in the carrier and since baby is still so young, we didnt want to risk it. I’m not going to write about Bjornbaby here so you may want to google about that if you prefer getting their products. For all we know, the articles may or may not be like I say, we’re not taking the risk.

What I like about this carrier:
1. The zip pocket is very convenient as it helps to hold my keys and little pouch. The open pocket holds Charley’s pacifier and hanky.

2. The cover that you see in the top right second photo has several points to attach to and if baby grows older, she’s still able to use that for shelter!

3. The straps are well cushioned and doesn’t hurt my arms.

4. Charley’s legs are propped upwards instead of slung downwards which is the right way for the development of the legs.

Rooms for improvement:
1. I wished that the infant insert could be detachable instead, where once baby outgrows it we can simple remove and chunk it aside. Did I say that it’s also quite hot for the baby with the insert? Not that we can help though.. Without the insert the baby looks like she’s sink into the abyss.

2. Tried to wash the infant insert once and the cotton ran all over the place (within the insert). The insert also has this brown stain that came out after it dries. Repeated washing doesn’t work either! We took this to get a change and we didn’t wash our second insert but just sun it instead.

3. The bottom cushioned panel that was strapped around my hip seems a little big for comfort, my comfort that is. It’s actually quite big that sometimes sitting down with it can get in the way. Or that a trip to the ladies require quite a bit of adjustment. It varies from person to person though. The husband seems quite fine with it.

In all, the carrier works the way we expected it to. But of course, Charley is growing so sometimes after walking her over a short distance I would be panting and perspiring! The furthest I’ve brought her out alone on the carrier was to my nearby marketplace. I certainly hope to bring her even further to explore but let’s keep that on the checklist till I’ve found a better way to carry her diaper bag altogether. Any suggestions on doing this fellow mamas?

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